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Almost all businesses use custom CRM solution to take care of their business leads and customer information. Also, custom CRM solution is best for automating and streamlining many marketing, sales and business development related operations. On the other hand, IVR system is perfect to create an ideal and professional brand image of the business. Do you know you can integrate the power of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution and CRM system by integrating both of them together. If you are using the custom CRM solution, you can take help of experts to integrate it with an IVR solution. On the other hand, if you are not using any of these systems, you must get the CRM integrated IVR solution. Wondering why it is recommended? Let me share the top 3 reasons to use the CRM integrated IVR solution.

1. Customer care

When you get a CRM integrated IVR solution, the IVR system uses the data stored in the CRM solution when it plays the audio prompt. It helps in providing the best customer experience to your customers and prospects. Also, it adds extra stars to your branding as now you can boast about an IVR system nobody else in your competition may have.

2. Automate certain tasks

The most common agenda of using an IVR system is to automate some task and allow callers to take some actions. The CRM integrated IVR solution takes this automization process one step ahead. Wondering how? Well, the CRM integrated IVR solution can be used to fetch information from the caller and store it in the CRM system. Also, it can be used to update or add a new record in the CRM solution. This will remove manual staff from doing the same tasks. This will save a lot of time and resources for your company and delight those customers or leads that like auto serve features than talking to a sales rep.

3. Better lead data maintenance

In general scenarios, the IVR solution transfers the call to an executive after playing certain prompts when there is any CRM data update related operation needs to be taken care of. Once the call is transferred to the sales rep or agent, the caller needs to repeat a story which was half completed while selected different options from the IVR menu. Then, the agent asks questions and updates the records. The whole process is tedious, time consuming and error prone. However, when we talk about the CRM integrated IVR solution, this is not the case. With the CRM integrated IVR solution, the caller will choose the options and feed information and the IVR solution itself will make all required changes and send an alert SMS or email, based on the configuration, to the caller and concerned executive. Again, this will save a lot of time on both ends and make the process smoother and efficient.

The CRM integrated IVR solution helps businesses to personalize their IVR prompts and even they can change the flow based on the CRM information to deliver the best user experience. There are many more benefits of using the CRM integrated IVR solution. If you want to know how CRM integrated IVR solution can help your business, contact us NOW and we will be happy to explain more pros in the context of your business.