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Each business deals with a lot of people to carry out its operations. These meetings can be internal meetings with the team members or it can be remote or onsite meetings with customers, affiliates, prospects, partners, investors, so on and so forth. As per the best productivity rule, the meetings must be scheduled in advance so the day of all professionals can be planned well and most importantly productively. Also, there should be a system to remind these prescheduled appointments so the no-show ratio can be reduced which often waste time. Thus, any company or organization uses the appointment reminder solutions which not only let professionals schedule an appointment, but also send reminders to all members to be met at regular intervals.

The common solution for scheduling meetings are Google calendar, mobile calendar, or an excel sheet shared with all members in the company. These appointment scheduling solutions are good and handy, but they have certain limitations such as, you cannot generate reports from these free appointment reminder solutions. There are many other types of personalization needed by the companies and organizations, but not available in the free appointment reminder solutions. All these can be achieved with the Asterisk development.

The Asterisk is one of the reliable technologies which can be used for a reliable appointment reminder solution. The expert Asterisk developers can build a highly personalized appointment reminder solution with amazing features. For example, the Asterisk development company can build a feature to send a call to the people who are going to have a meeting. A personalized message gets played to the meeting participants. An SMS or Email can also be sent to the meeting participant instead of the call and all three, call, SMS and email, can also be sent.

There are many more intuitive features of Appointment reminder system which can be integrated with the Asterisk Development. Below is the list of key features available in the Asterisk based Appointment scheduling and reminder solution:

  • Calendar integration or custom calendar development
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment invite
  • Custom appointment reminder message creation
  • Send appointment reminder via call, SMS, Email or Fax
  • Contact Directory
  • Grouping of contract
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Time zone support
  • User profile support
  • Multilingual support
  • Remote access
  • Call logs
  • Reports
  • Real time notification
  • Multiple reminders
  • And many more

The Asterisk is reliable technology which can be used to build the scalable appointment reminder solution. This system supports multiple users and if needed unlimited users. It means the company can let its all users and branches use this Asterisk based appointment reminder solution.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have a team of expert Asterisk developers. We have developed various Asterisk-based solutions. We have expertise in developing customized appointment scheduling and / or reminder solution. We can assist you in building a robust, secure and useful appointment reminder solution. For more details, get in touch with us.