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Are you fed up with the conventional modes of payments? Do you want to pay without access to the internet?  Well, in this case, the asterisk IVR payment solution is the best choice for you. The Asterisk IVR solution development helps you to transfer money and also complete your transactions using debit / credit cards or net banking. It makes your transactions secure and seamless.

The payment IVR solution is an advanced solution that comprises of high security and amazing features which can be customized according to the environment of the company. Payment IVR solution not only helps the customers to make a payment anytime and anywhere using their phones, but it also takes off the burden of the company and its staff. It is better for the customers to carry out certain operations on their own and reduces the hassle of relying to the customer service agents and making and receiving payments.

An example of the payment IVR solutions involves the following steps:
  1. The customer calls to a predefined number to make payment

  2. Once the call is connected the auto attendant greets the customer and walks him through the payment steps.

  3. The customer can choose options such as, entering the payment mode, amount, etc.

  4. Once the payment processing is finished, the IVR solution will send a confirmation message. This message can be a voice message, SMS and / or email.

IVR solution development has provided benefits to various enterprises, including hospitality, banks, travel insurance companies, credit card companies, tax collection agencies, and other utilities. The payment IVR solution by the asterisk is gaining popularity because of the number of advantages that it offers. Some of those advantages are:

  • The Asterisk IVR solution allows the users to complete the payment seamlessly without any error.
  • It enables the customers to use multiple payment modes including online banking, credit/debit cards.
  • For making payment or transactions through IVR, one does not need to have internet connectivity. The process can be done simply by following the voice instructions played by the IVR system.
  • Payment IVR solution provides a user-friendly environment with the choice of language to make it easily accessible.

The main feature provided by the Asterisk IVR payment solution is high security. Security has always been a risk in payment processing, but the IVR solution development has resulted in reducing this risk to a great extent. There can be cases when credit card information can be stolen while dealing with a human agent or calls which can be recorded, but this is not possible with the Asterisk IVR solution. The IVR adopts tokenization that substitutes the account details with token ID. Thus, it stays fully PCI compliant. The Asterisk based IVR solution for payment processing is the best choice for any company.

We offer the IVR solution development for payment processing with the custom features to meet your business needs. Contact us to discuss more details about the Payment IVR Solution and how we can help you with this.