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Unified communication is the demand of time for any business. Whether you are a startup, an SMB or an MNC, you will need a reliable, scalable and secure communication system. Asterisk provides building blocks to develop unified communication solutions for a business. The Asterisk software development benefited many companies with its cost effective communication and collaboration solutions. The VoIP Asterisk development can be used to build a wide array of unified communication solutions. Some of the common Asterisk solutions that complete the omnichannel communication system are briefed below:

Click to call

This solution is placed as a button on the website or a landing page. When a web visitor clicks on that button, it will generate a call to connect your staff member and the visitor. This is very effective in lead generation and customer care.

Phone Verification System

The Asterisk software development to build this system is useful in lead verification and filtering stage. The Phone verification system (PVS) will automatically verify a phone number with two way verification that assures only genuine leads are passed to the sales team. This helps in increasing productivity.

Conferencing solution

The Asterisk solution development to build an audio, video and / or web conferencing system provides a tool to have a conference among internal staff members; prospects and your team; customers and your team; board members and c-level executives and investors and the company owner. This solution creates a collaborative communication environment.

Call Broadcasting

A most effective way to send your message to the customers, prospects, vendors, staff and other business entities is via call broadcasting. It lets you send a voice message that can be in your own voice or a prerecorded audio clip to your mass audiences in a one go.

SMS Broadcasting

This system lets you broadcast a text message to multiple users with a single click. You can run lead generation and customer relationship management campaigns with this SMS broadcasting system.

IVR Solution

The IVR aka Interactive Voice Response System lets you put an auto attendant in your telecommunication. It lets callers self serve for various actions such as, reaching to the right department, making payment, booking something, getting answers of commonly asked questions, etc.

Fax Server Solution

It is an Asterisk solution that will remove bulky fax hardware to add flexible faxing experience. The fax over IP (FoIP) system will let you use email to fax, fax to email and web to fax system. It will let you save money on stationery and other hardware. Also, you can enjoy professional faxing experience.

A business can use all above or selected Asterisk solution to take benefit of unified communication. We have a team of VoIP Asterisk Development that will guide you in the process of acquiring unified communication solution and developing the best Asterisk software. Contact us for more details.