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Coming across quality developers, technology specialists, or UI/UX designers is challenging for an IT company or any business with an in-house software development team. They need to accommodate a budget while holding the technical expertise that a project demands. In the long run, hiring and training appropriate candidates is an optimal investment and proves fruitful in strengthening the core team. Yet, for most businesses, sudden demands pertaining to staffing shortages owing to a temporary absence (illness, holidays, personal time-off, etc.) or a permanent absence (resignations, lack of specialized skills, team scaling, etc.) are common. In such instances, recruitment could be an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Augmented staffing model to the Rescue

The augmented staffing model or augmented team hiring model is a hiring model that allows businesses to ”hire” experienced employees for a fraction of the cost for a fixed duration. This will enable companies to fill in capacity without undergoing the pain of recruitment and skill training. The entire staff outsourcing market was expected to hit $531 billion in 2022.

Based on the organization’s needs, staff augmentation services can take different forms, ranging from increasing the on-site workforce to adding remotely located professionals. Based on the business scale, the purpose of outsourcing changes. Small firms can fill in critical roles to tackle current business requirements while focusing on training new talents. Enterprises can complement the existing workforce with personnel on project-based tenure to tackle new opportunities without losing out on the existing talent. In the case of staff augmentation, the resources become an integral part of your organization’s internal team and work in sync with the current workforce. Compared to outsourcing, the reins over the resource allocation remain in your hands.

Benefits of Augmented Staff Hiring Model


Staff augmentation has flexibility as one of its main advantages. As a result, businesses are able to hire workers to meet their immediate demands. Companies may need highly qualified individuals to work on a project for a set amount of time. Flexible hiring spares businesses the extra expenses of permanent employment, such as employee onboarding and required training. On the other hand, it allows experts to operate according to projects. Professionals only engage in excellent initiatives of their choosing. Because of this, both sides profit and are in a win-win position. This bridges any professional skills gap between supply and demand effectively and economically.

Access to a comprehensive resource pool

Based on the skill needs and budget, organizations may choose from a sizable talent pool of competent individuals using staff augmentation options. In addition, staff augmentation hires frequently have domain-specific expertise. Thus the methods they offer for the project are distinctive and advantageous. Therefore, staff augmentation solutions for IT organizations expand any company’s resource pool by enabling the employment of specialized skill sets.

Cost-effective Edge

Staff augmentation services ensure a cost-effective means for businesses to leverage specific skill sets. The company does not have to pay the long-term expense because specialists are employed for a specified project duration. Therefore, hiring project-specific recruiters enables businesses to deliver personnel just as needed. By demonstrating the talent pool, they have at their disposal, the businesses are able to explore larger markets based on the expanded resource capabilities. Businesses win two times due to this.

  • They first gain access to a vast talent pool for a fraction of the price of traditional hiring.
  • Thanks to this talent pool, they are in a better position than their rivals, who have different hiring flexibility.

Efficient Operations

Operational expenses with low returns on investments can have a significant negative impact on sales for the majority of small enterprises. Businesses may increase operational efficiency via workforce augmentation by offering flexible working environments. The experts often operate from home while remaining entirely accountable for the employing company and its management. Costs related to infrastructure and onboarding might be decreased as a result. Therefore, staff augmentation services lower operations costs, increasing revenues. They also lower the cost of employing qualified employees.

Scalable and Adaptable

Flexible hiring allows businesses to test new ventures without committing to a full-time workforce. Employing staff augmentation enables enterprises to make project-based hires to gauge their acceptance in emerging areas. In addition, companies can adjust to the shifting market conditions thanks to such flexible staffing. Since millennials are constantly learning new talents, the market’s needs are changing quickly. Companies that are unable to adapt to these changes end up failing. Therefore, staff augmentation gives businesses the ability to be responsive. This enables them to respond to the evolving situation by meeting new requirements by employing project-specific labor.

Sustained Control and Management

When you outsource your projects, you frequently lose all control over how they are managed and carried out. By allowing parent organizations to retain control over the ultimate decision, staff augmentation solutions for IT enterprises stop this anomaly. Staff augmentation indicates that an external agency supplies just the resources, as opposed to project outsourcing when the entire operations of a project are moved to an external entity. You still have control over management, and the company makes most of the decisions. With this executive power, businesses can keep a firm grip on their initiatives and mold them in any way they see fit.

Disadvantages of the Team Hiring Model

Staff augmentation sounds nice, but only some situations are ideal for it. In addition, staff augmentation calls for modifications and additions to internal procedures and tools compared to the standardized methods created for direct hiring.

Expensive in a longer run

As previously indicated, staff augmentation is a temporary measure that enables companies to engage qualified personnel on a project basis. It’s not a substitute for working with a full-time expert. However, in the long term, businesses may pay more for a “hired” resource when a full-time job is a more sustainable option.

Requires oversight and management

Resources are paid either hourly or according to the project, depending on the recruiting criteria. Utilizing team expansion and resources needs management and protocols in order to prevent wasteful spending, especially for the expansion of teams.

No institutional knowledge

Some initiatives need a level of historical expertise that only current personnel possess. Depending on the project, teaching and acclimating someone new or even the hired resources could be necessary.

Exclusivity and NDAs

Specific covert initiatives involve vital intellectual property (IP). In these situations, one should carefully consider staff augmentation. Objectively speaking, a contract made with a contractor is just as legally binding as one made with a full-time employee. The conclusion is that businesses should take their time and exercise caution when selecting enhanced personnel for top-secret projects.

When to consider Staff Augmentation?

Shorter Project Length

A staff augmentation agreement might offer special assistance in meeting an organization’s needs. Even so, it’s not always the best course of action. For example, short-term initiatives are often the ideal candidates for staff augmentation instead of long-term projects that take months or years to complete. However, on lengthier projects, it can still make sense for an organization to hire a dedicated full-time professional; in this scenario, hiring would be preferable to a staff augmentation strategy.

Need to Accelerate Time-to-Market

The need for a project’s time-to-market to be accelerated can never be overstated. However, the competitive advantage that an increased team provides in terms of hitting deadlines and completing tasks promptly is enormous. Simply put, your organization has a more significant competitive advantage the faster your time to market is. No matter how brilliant you believe, your idea is, if it takes you longer than your rivals to complete your IT project, they will win the race and make the crucially essential first impression. You only have one initial impression to make on your intended audience.

Your Project Requires Niche Expertise

Business owners are reevaluating which knowledge is essential to their industry today. They are actively debating whether they require specialized knowledge in-house or would be better served by personnel augmentation. Today, the difference between success and failure is so razor-thin that many businesses believe staff augmentation is safer and more profitable.

A recent McKinsey & Company research found that 87% of businesses globally are aware that they either now have a skills gap or will in the near future. In a competitive field, quickly discovering and integrating professionals with expertise in particular areas and technologies may be a game-changer.

Need to Bridge Skill Gaps

Your business will occasionally be working on many projects at once. Many of these projects will need a variety of skill sets from various specialties. Because there is constantly a shifting demand for those particular abilities, you must approach this problem flexibly and according to each project. By using staff augmentation, you can bring on experienced developers with particular talents that are not required for projects other than the ones they are working on. As a result, you won’t have to invest time, effort, and money in teaching your internal personnel these sporadic but essential abilities.

Build a Team without losing opportunities

When taking advantage of new prospects, a company might employ support staff to oversee the project while the internal team concentrates on building the necessary skill sets. Companies may boldly go into uncharted domains with the help of staff augmentation and the capacity to draw from an established team of specialists. You may employ staff augmentation when you believe the moment is perfect for widening your company’s horizons. This will enable you to commit yourself with renewed vigor to new endeavors.

Wrapping Up

Staff augmentation is an excellent solution for establishing a side project or unloading your inside team. A few benefits of team augmentation are flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and tight team communication. On the other hand, Hire VoIP Developers if you are looking for dedicated resources for an upcoming VoIP project.