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Ticket booking is used widely in many industries such as, travel, entertainment, support centers, etc. The traditional ways of booking tickets are either tedious such as standing in a long queue to get the ticket or require access to technology such as, online ticket booking demands access to a high speed internet connection. The Asterisk IVR Solution is the best alternative to make the ticket booking convenient for your customers as well as for your business.

The IVR solution development is cost effective, especially, when you choose an Asterisk IVR solution. The developed IVR aka Interactive Voice Response solution will help you in providing a flexible way to book the ticket.

How Automated Ticketing IVR Solution works?

It is a phone based solution which can be accessed from any type of phone, including, but not limited to, Smartphone, landline, VoIP phone, web phone and legacy phone. To use an IVR system the IVR solution development company will provide you a GUI based admin panel from which you can configure your IVR menu with a simple drag and drop type of options. Once the IVR menu is set, you will not need any human resources to monitor or stay involved in the booking process. Everything will be done automatically.

At the customer end, to use this system, he /she needs to call on a predefined number. The call will be automatically answered by the Asterisk IVR solution. The IVR will play a welcome message and then guide the caller to take further steps by playing different voice prompts. The caller needs to choose the preferred option from the played prompts. Based on your IVR solution development, the caller can register the response with voice prompts or dial tone, i.e., pressing various keys on the dialpad of the phone.

The Asterisk IVR solution is extremely easy to use for both you and your customers. It can be used by any non technical person, including those, who don’t know how to operate a Smartphone. This will be an added advantage for your business as you can now expand your audience reach to even those people who are not technically strong or newbie in the world of technology.

Another amazing benefit of this IVR system is that it can book tickets 365*24*7 with the same warm welcome message and voice prompts because this is a machine and it will never get tired. This means you can allow your customers to book tickets anytime they want to.

The IVR solution development can give you an automated ticketing IVR solution, which means the whole process of booking tickets will be quick and automated and you will also save a lot on human resources which will be removed from the process of ticket booking operation.

We, Vindaloo Softtech, have expertise in IVR Solution development and we can definitely help you in building the best IVR system for ticket booking. Contact us to discuss more in detail.