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There are two ways one can get a VoIP solution.

  1. Buy a ready to use VoIP product and
  2. Get custom VoIP development to build a unique solution

In the first case, one needs ongoing support services to take care of the system version upgrade, backup, etc. And in the second case, one needs ongoing development services to add new functionalities to maintain a leading position. In both cases, the company needs to have a VoIP developer that either works on an ongoing basis or on time to time basis to take care of the tasks. In any case, the need for regular services from a VoIP developer is necessary.

To get regular services from a VoIP Developer, the business needs to take the help of an expert VoIP developer who can be an in-house resource or a remote resource. The remote resource is often the best choice because it provides many benefits. Let’s explore more in detail about the top 3 benefits of hiring a remote resource:

1. Hire and fire based on your need

When you hire a VoIP developer in your own company, you need to pay a monthly salary regardless of the fact that you have some work for him to do or not. You cannot fire the developer when you have little or no work due to legal and brand related issues. On the other hand, when you hire a remote VoIP developer, you can take his/her service till the time you have work for him. Once it is done, you can stop paying and again when you have work, you can hire him again. Thus, hiring a remote VoIP developer is definitely a more result oriented option.

2. Only pay for work

When an in-house resource is hired, the business owner has to take care of his salary, infrastructure, beverage, etc. It means the total cost to be spent on VoIP development includes development resources, computer system, internet, electricity, development or staging server and more. On the other hand, when you hire a remote VoIP development expert, you only need to pay for the monthly fees of the resource. You do not need to worry about anything else.

3. No extra resources involved from your end

Often, in-house resources need a manager or supervisor to lead him and guide him. This increase cost even further as one more on-site resource and other costs related to the same gets added in the list of expenses. This further reduces complexity and reduces ROI. On the other hand, when a remote VoIP developer is hired, generally, either he is self motivated if he is a freelancer or he will have a manager to lead him if he is hired from a VoIP development company. In both cases, what you will need to focus on the deliverables and not on what your hired resource is doing? Whether he is doing work or not?

These are the top 3 reasons which increase the benefits when one hires a VoIP developer who works remotely. In fact, hiring a VoIP expert from a VoIP company will be even more beneficial.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech have flexible hiring models. We let our customers hire VoIP developers for part time or full time. Get in touch with us to discuss more in detail.