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Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company, more popularly known as Vindaloo Softtech. The spokesperson of the company announced to offer the best VoIP Softswitch solution. The company has developed a ready to use VoIP Softswitch solution and made it available for the VoIP businesses. The company has named this VoIP Softswitch solution as VinSwitch.

This VinSwitch is furnished with features of both, class 4 and class 5 Softswitch. It is developed to meet the business requirements of the wholesale and retail VoIP businesses. It can support unlimited accounts to support a growing business.

“We have been catering to the VoIP industry with different solutions for many years. We learned that the demand for VoIP Softswitch solution is quite high. There are many businesses that struggle with their business because the system doesn’t work as expected. We have come across many businesses that are facing various challenges because of their VoIP switch. We have been providing custom services to these types of businesses. To help all other businesses and enterprises with a reliable solution within no time, we have developed VinSwitch. It is a ready to use solution and it can be used by any scaled VoIP business. We have made this solution with our years of experience in this industry”, shared spokesperson of the company.

This VoIP Softswitch solution is a robust system which supports unlimited:

  • Customers
  • Vouchers
  • Accounts
  • Resellers
  • Service providers

The VinSwitch is provisioned with different types of call routing rules to provide a reliable class 4 Softswitch solution. It also supports all different protocols, codecs, and carriers to help wholesale business service providers. It also offers all advanced communication features to fulfill all needs of retail or residential calling business by offering the class 5 Softswitch features.

“Gone are the days when the VoIP service providers used to offer only wholesale or residential business. Today’s businesses are more focused on providing the whole solution to capture the market. That’s why the same VoIP business provider offers both, wholesale and residential VoIP services. To cater to this type of mission oriented business owners, we have developed the VinSwitch. It is a hybrid VoIP Softswitch solution”, shared spokesperson of the company.

This VoIP Softswitch solution supports all different types of businesses, including, calling card, DID numbers, etc. It also supports multiple currencies and available with the multilingual feature. These characteristics of the VinSwitch make it a perfect solution for growing businesses that cater to multiple countries. The VinSwitch also has integrated comprehensive VoIP billing software to automate billing part which makes the business more empowered and efficient.