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The call centers, support centers, customer care centers and many organizations deals with hundreds of calls on a daily basis. The traditional approach or legacy telephony system is useless in such situations because every second of an agent or an executive is important. Thus, these types of companies use call center solution and CRM system. There are two different ways to use these two systems in more productive ways and in this article I will share the same. You can adopt any one approach which you find the most convenient to you.

Call Center CRM Integration

The call center CRM integration is a service provided by the experts. Here, the developers integrate your call center software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in a way that you can access both of these systems within a single window. Yes, it means you can access the lead data stored in the CRM system within the call center software without leaving the window of the call center software. The opposite is also possible. It means you can get the call control of the call center software within your CRM system without switching to the call center software. All the operations get synchronized. It means if you make any change in the lead record in the call center software, the lead record stored in the CRM system will be updated automatically.

The call center CRM integration can be done for any open source or third party call center software and CRM solution. To perform call center CRM integration, the developers will need code access of both CRM and call center software.

Call Center CRM Development

This is another approach to use both systems more effectively and gain some amazing benefits. Here, you can get the call center CRM development. It means the development company will develop a call center software and CRM system as a single solution. You will not need to have two different solutions. The call center CRM development would be more expensive than call center CRM integration as it will be from scratch development for two big systems with custom features and mapping as per your need. However, it is worth an investment for many businesses.

In both cases, you will gain many benefits. The key benefits are listed below:
  • Save time
  • Save manual efforts
  • Introduce automation
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase ROI

We, Vindaloo Softtech, have a team of experts with proficiency in both approaches: call center CRM integration and development. We have benefited many clients till date. We have also provided required suggestions and free consultancy to our clients to choose the best approach out of two and we would be more than happy to assist you. Contact us to discuss more in detail.