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On this occasion, one of the representatives of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. aka Vindaloo Softtech, made an announcement that the company will help call centers and customer care centers with their call center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution integration development services. As per the shared details, the company will offer two different types of services under this category.

Integration of call center CRM

The call centers and customer care centers often use two different solutions:

1. Call center software 2. CRM system
These two can be third-party solutions or open source systems or both of these types of systems. Vindaloo Softtech has a team of experts that can perform the integration of call center software and CRM system. To integrate call center and CRM systems, the expert developers of the company perform the required development to integrate both of these solutions. Once the integration of the Call center CRM is finished, both of these systems work in harmony. It means the agents can access the lead data saved in the CRM system within their call center software during the live call. On the other hand, if agents want to perform calling campaigns from the CRM system, then they can access the call dialer within the CRM solution.

Call Center Development with Integrated CRM Solution

The call centers and customer care centers can also take benefit of call center development service offered by Vindaloo Softtech. In this case, the expert developers of the company will develop a custom call center solution which will have a fully functional and enhanced CRM solution within it. This means the call centers will have a single solution with all the required features of the call center software and CRM solution within a single system. There is no need to manage and maintain two different solutions as all required features will be available within the developed call center system.

The spokesperson of the company shed some more light on this launched service by sharing additional information, “If a company or call center already have a system in place and using the open source or third party custom CRM system and call center solution, then for them the integration of Call center CRM is recommended. In this case, they don’t need to switch to the new system and they also don’t lose any of their data or information. However, if a call center or a business is starting up and isn’t using any solution, the call center development with the integrated CRM solution will be the best choice for it. They can get rid of the complete process of installing, configuring, integrating, and maintaining two different systems.”

As per the shared details, the company has an official webpage on the company’s marketing website to provide the complete detail about the offered services of call center CRM integration development. The company executives also provide free consultation to choose the best model among the available two models.