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The VoIP industry is really big. Every passing day, a new VoIP solution is getting introduced. To cope up with this fiercely competitive industry, it is necessary for a business owner to keep himself and the business tools upgraded. One of the major segments of the VoIP business is dominated by the wholesale VoIP service providers; and why not? The wholesale VoIP business is the core of the VoIP calling industry. They make whole calling business as well as data traversal possible by traversing call and data traffic from one location to another. To run this wholesale VoIP business, the service providers used to use a hardware based switch system. This switch usually has big servers, hardware systems, and messy wires that connect the whole network. In some cases, it also needed adapters, signal boosters, and other hardware based infrastructure to make the whole system. This system was working fine, but there were many challenges the business owners had to face.

The technological invention touched all segments of VoIP business, then how can a wholesale business left behind? The top class VoIP development companies around the globe developed a wholesale VoIP switch. This switch is named as a class 4 softswitch solution.

The class 4 softswitch solution is a software based system that eliminated a majority of hardware and wires. It makes operations simplified for the wholesale service provider. Adding a new customer and setting up his account is as easy as adding a new email in the email client. The modern class 4 softswitch solution is developed with the top class features and GUI (Graphical User Interface) based elements. This makes it extremely easy to use and also removed the need for highly experienced technicians to operate the wholesale switch. Generally, the class 4 softswitch solution provider gives training along with the user manual so the customer and his staff can understand and use the solution at its best.

In the market, there are many VoIP development companies that offer the class 4 softswitch solution. Each provider can have some common features and some unique features. You can choose the wholesale softswitch solution based on your business needs. Some of the common key features that should be in your class 4 softswitch solution are listed below:

  • Dashboard with summary
  • Account management
  • Least cost routing
  • Blacklist
  • Whitelist
  • Support for multiple signaling protocols
  • Support for multiple audio and video codecs
  • Support for multiple network protocols
  • Codec transcoding
  • DID support
  • Calling card support
  • IP blocking
  • Failover
  • Load balancing
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

Some class 4 softswitch solution providers also offer integrated billing to make the job of wholesale service provider easier. Furthermore, this wholesale switch can have features like live call monitoring, multilingual system, different time zone support and more. The service provider can also ask for the customization to add custom features to meet specific business needs.

Author Bio
Sandip Patel – BDE
The author works as BDE at Vindaloo Softtech since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in the VoIP Software Development Industry. Vindaloo Softtech is a VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC, and Asterisk Development.