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Class 4 softswitch is known as wholesale switch and it is a must need tool to run a business as a wholesale VoIP service provider. The class 4 softswitch is positions at the focal point of the VoIP network and it will be connected with other class 4 softswitch and / or class 5 softswitch. These connected Softswitches create a complete telecommunication network. There are two ways to create this VoIP based unified communication network:

  • Hardware based switches and
  • Software based switches aka softswitch solution

The class 4 softswitch is the software based solution. It eliminates messy wired connections and hardware switches along with other hardware devices to make the network infrastructure compact. This softswitch solution provides many benefits to the VoIP service provider to augment their business and that is the reason, more and more VoIP service providers are getting class 4 softswitch development. In fact, there are some countries in the world which encourage the VoIP service providers over there to adopt the softswitch solution over its counterparts. All these facts have increased demand of class 4 softswitch development worldwide.

You can find many companies all across the globe that offers class 4 softswitch development services. However, make sure to choose the one that has required experience and expertise in developing the class 4 softswitch.

The class 4 softswitch development for the VoIP service provider demands an extensive understanding of the VoIP network architecture. It also demands proficiency in various VoIP development platforms and technologies, so the class 4 softswitch development can be performed based on the need of the VoIP service provider to benefit him in both, short and long term.

The service provider should prefer to get tailored class 4 softswitch development as it gives required ownership of the code. Also, this approach makes sure you pay only for the features that are most important to run your business.

We, Vindaloo VoIP, are one of the best companies that offer the best class 4 softswitch development to the VoIP service providers worldwide. We have a team of passionate VoIP developers that have benefited many VoIP service providers with our tailored class 4 softswitch development services. We help customers in defining the required features based on various factors. This assures that our clients get maximum value over their investment. We also provide ongoing support services for the class 4 softswitch solution. We are renowned for developing the most robust, scalable and reliable softswitch solution.

We, Vindaloo VoIP, will be more than happy to answer your queries and share how our know-how in class 4 softswitch development can help you. Contact us to initiate the discussion.