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The VoIP industry is pretty big and there are many amazing VoIP solutions available in the markets that are making the buzz. Some of the VoIP solutions are actually leading the industry to reach the next level. One of the most popular VoIP solutions is the class 4 softswitch solution. The class 4 softswitch solution is more popularly known as the wholesale softswitch solution.

Earlier the wholesale VoIP service providers used to use a hardware-based switch to run their business. This hardware-based system was difficult to use and manage. It was a matter of big investment to start the wholesale business; set up all switches and take care of the switches to work efficiently. Thanks to the VoIP companies that invented a software-based class 4 VoIP softswitch solutions. This system is more efficient in its performance and also cheaper compared to its counterparts.

The modern class 4 softswitch solution offers a wide array of features and benefits and I would like to share how you can make complete use of it.

1. Understand the switch thoroughly

As I mentioned earlier the modern class 4 softswitch solution comes with a lot of amazing features. You need to make good use of it and for that, you need to know about the features of the product you have. At the time of purchase, ask your provider to provide a detailed walkthrough of this VoIP softswitch solution. Also, ask him to give the recording of this product demo so you and your staff can refer to it later on. You should also ask to get the technical user manual of the product so you can have a look at it when you need to use the same. Also, the user manual makes sure that you and your staff have complete knowledge of the system and you don’t need to invest in support for small things.

2. Make use of all features

Once you or the concerned person understand all features of the class 4 softswitch solution, you need to make a proper strategy to take benefit of all different features available in your class 4 softswitch solution. Some common features available in the class 4 switch solution are different types of call routing rules, transcoding, etc. Use your own experience and knowledge of your team to make a strategy to use this wholesale VoIP softswitch solution at its best.

3. Use the switch with an integrated comprehensive billing

A majority of class 4 softswitch solution comes with an integrated VoIP billing system. However, it is not a core feature of the class 4 VoIP softswitch system. Thus, some of the VoIP softswitch solution providers either don’t provide the integrated billing system or it is of a very basic level. Thus, when you are considering a class 4 softswitch solution, you must look for the switch which offers a comprehensive VoIP billing solution in it. In case, if you buy the class 4 softswitch solution without a comprehensive billing system, you must invest in getting a comprehensive billing solution and integrate it within your VoIP softswitch solution. The reason is the class 4 softswitch solution deals with the wholesale traffic. It is very tedious and error-prone to use a manual billing system. Also, wholesale businesses have different types of billing for a single customer. Thus, your billing system must support these different types of billing.

These are the top 3 tips you must follow if you want to gain the best possible returns over investment in the class 4 softswitch solution.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have a ready to use class 4 softswitch solution. We offer a comprehensive switch with complete support to make sure you gain the maximum benefits from your VoIP softswitch solution. To get more details about our ready to use class 4 softswitch solution: Vin4Switch, please get in touch with us.