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VoIP is a gigantic industry. There are so many businesses that are based on different VoIP solutions. However, there is one solution that defines the success of the VoIP industry: That is the Class 4 Softswitch solution!

It is a wholesale VoIP softswitch solution. It is a dedicated solution that is used to handle the whole wholesale business. Now here comes the question, what is the wholesale business? The wholesale business deals with thousands of call volume. It routes the call from a source to a destination. The robust class 4 softswitch also deals with carriers, data and call volume. It routes calls from one location to another. Generally, the call routing happens on international destinations.

Once the call and signals get traversed from one location to another, it will be connected to another class 4 softswitch solution or a class 5 softswitch solution. If it is connected to a class 4 softswitch solution, then it will be again getting routed to the next destination. In case, if it is connected to the class 5 softswitch solution, then the pure calling service will be offered to the end user with received call, signals and data.

The class 4 softswitch handles a major part of the VoIP industry. If the class 4 softswitch solution doesn’t exist, it is near to impossible to imagine the VoIP world. Yes, it is true!

The VoIP softswitch solutions like class 4 and class 5 softswitch play a major role in developing the required infrastructure of the VoIP industry.

Let’s know the class 4 softswitch solution more closely.

The basic function of this type of VoIP softswitch solution is to take care of the wholesale traffic and routing it from one location to another. In a VoIP network, there can be different types of codecs and protocols. The source and destination may use different types of infrastructure. Thus, the added role of this VoIP softswitch solution is to take care of transcoding if the codecs used at both ends are different. If the protocol used at source and destination is different, then the class 4 softswitch solution will do the protocol conversion.

The call routing, protocol conversion, and transcoding are fundamental functions of the class 4 VoIP softswitch solution. However, as time changes, the demand changes as well! Thus, the modern class 4 switch offers many more features than ever before. It contains security provisioning, failover, load balancing, backup, reporting, and many more features.

The class 4 softswitch solutions can also support more call volume than it used to support in the past. This boosts the growth and economy of VoIP service providers.

The class 4 softswitch solution usually comes as a web based application so it can also be accessed remotely. Also, the GUI based elements on the screen make it simplified. The modern day class 4 switch adheres legislation of telecom regulation.


The class 4 softswitch solution is in the focal point of the VoIP industry and at a major extent, it governs the major operations in the VoIP industry. Its development also develops the market and that is why the class 4 softswitch defines the success of the VoIP industry.

Author Bio

Sandip Patel – BDE
The author works as BDE at Vindaloo Softtech since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in the VoIP Software Development Industry. Vindaloo Softtech is a VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC, and Asterisk Development.