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Vindaloo Softtech is a leading IT company. The company has been catering its worldwide customers with the best in the industry development, design, and support services in web, mobile, and VoIP. The company has gained a lot of fame in the VoIP development industry because of its best solutions and client centric services.

Recently, the spokesperson of Vindaloo Softtech has made an announcement that the company will offer custom click-to-call solution development services to its customers. The VoIP development for the click to call solution will be performed in one of the top VoIP development technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. The click to call solution development technology will be chosen based on the need of the customer and the nature of the project.

As per the shared details, the click to call solution is perfect for any business. This solution lets the company add a button on their website or a landing page. The visitors can click on that button to generate a call. The call then can be transferred to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to let the caller take an autonomous action or it can be connected with a sales rep or an agent to take care of the communication. There are many companies that use the click to call solution on their website or landing page to increase the communication effectiveness. The effective communication further contributes in increased lead generation, conversion and retention.

The click to call solution development service of the company also includes setup and configuration services for the customer. It means once the development of the click to call solution is finished, the team of the Vindaloo Softtech will place the click to call button on the website, a landing page, or both. This click to call button will have the same brand identity as the website to deliver the best user experience.

The company offers the click to call solution development with custom features. The users can choose one or more features from following:

  • Integration on website or webpage or landing page or an app or on all of these
  • User friendly interface to manage the click to call solution
  • Autodial
  • Automated call recording
  • Callback
  • On connect call transfer to an IVR
  • On connect call transfer to an agent
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

The company also supports video calls along with voice calls. It means the click to call solution development can add channels for audio and video calls. Get in touch with us