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On 15th February 2022, VSPL was proud to be a participant in one of the video interview broadcasts as a part of ClueCon Weekly sponsored by the SignalWire team. In the interview, our director and the co-founder of VSPL, Mr. Bhaskar Metikel had a candid conversation with the host, Mr. Luca Pradovera, about the achievements throughout the 5 years of the company and the potential of different Open-Source VoIP technologies.

About ClueCon Weekly

The ClueCon Technology Developers Conference was founded over a decade ago in 2005 by an aspiring team of Asterisk software developers as a platform for gathering various open-source projects to discuss Voice over IP, open-source software and hardware, Telecommunications, WebRTC, and IoT. It is a yearly conference popular and renowned in the VoIP and telephony industry circles. ClueCon weekly, a virtual event, is a part of the conference and it features interviews with the thought leaders and movers & shakers of the industry.

Excerpts from the Interview

The 30-minute long interview covered multiple topics ranging from what VSPL offers, the current standings of the company, its major services & products, future of the VoIP industry. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

Introduction of Vindaloo Softtech

The interview started with a basic introduction to the company. Vindaloo Softtech is a VoIP application development company working on open-source solutions such as FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamiliao, OpenSIPs with recent expansion into CRM and eCommerce development. On being asked if VSPL is a product-based or a consultation company, Mr. Bhaskar had the following to state:   “We are currently a consultant company but are developing our own range of VoIP-related products such VoIP billing software, Contact Center Solutions, eLearning applications.

Company’s Focus

While creating custom app development for the clients, we are also focusing on creating in-house products in tandem. Initially, VSPL was only working on developing IVR systems and adopted FusionPBX on identifying the demand. After successfully delivering multiple VoIP projects, and gaining knowledge of FreeSWITCH, VSPL is putting the knowledge to create custom web portals and applications.

Impact of the Pandemic

The global pandemic had impacted several businesses, but we identified positive growth opportunities from the adoption of remote work. Mr. Bhaskar had the following to say about it: “After the pandemic, the demand for video conferencing and remote working went up. So we worked on several WebRTC-related projects in a short period of time.” The common misconceptions revolving around WebRTC and general expectations from WebRTC were also discussed in the same context.

Our in-house Offerings

We had developed Solar CRM, a customized CRM solution developed with the solar installation companies in mind, and an eLearning Platform initially developed for a musical tutor but modular to be customized for eLearning in the general sense. A unified communication solution using FreeSWITCH and offering ePBX features is also one of the VSPL’s offerings. Some of the other services offered are:

Wrapping Up

“The size and cost of a project don’t matter. We are more inclined towards challenging projects and problem-solving.” As an apt ending to the interview, Mr. Bhaskar added the above statement about the kind of projects that VSPL aims to handle. You can watch the complete video of this interview from the link below.