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Any business, regardless of its size, industry and other factors, must have an uninterruptible communication and collaboration system in place. There are many solutions that are used by the companies to satisfy their communication needs. One of the most powerful solutions is the enterprise conferencing solution.

The conferencing solution can avail to the company either by buying a ready to use solution or by getting the conferencing solution development service from one of the best companies.

The enterprise conferencing solution can have one or more communication channel:
  • Audio
  • Video

Based on the need of the communication and collaboration, the company can get the conferencing solution development or buy a ready to use enterprise conferencing solution. Generally, the conferencing solutions are a web based application, so it is also known as the web conferencing solution. The major benefit of using this type of conferencing solution is that the participants don’t need to download and install any software. All they need to do is open a web URL and join the conference. It makes the conferencing solution more powerful and strengthens the collaboration as the companies can conduct a conference among different participants from anywhere, at anytime.

The companies can get different features based on their communication and collaboration need if they go for the conferencing solution development.

Key Features of Conferencing Solution:
  • Audio call and conference
  • Video call and conference
  • Instant messaging (Chat)
  • File share
  • Screen share
  • Mute all / Unmute all
  • Mute / Unmute selected participants
  • DTMF support
  • Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Hang up
  • Remove a participant
  • Phonebook
  • Active speaker display
  • Host controls
  • Admin controls
  • Multi tenancy support
  • Multilingual support
  • Reports
  • And more
The conferencing solution can be used for different types of communication such as,
  • To have a team meeting with staff from dispersed branches or locations
  • To provide a product demo to the prospects
  • To have project meetings with the customer and his team
  • To run conferences for charity, awareness generation and more
  • To run a webinar
  • To deliver training sessions
  • And more

The conferencing solution development can be focused to the required utilities of the developed enterprise conferencing solution. If the company wants the conferencing solution to meet certain communication and collaboration needs, then the conferencing solution development can be performed accordingly. For example, if the company wants to use the developed enterprise conferencing solution only for video streaming, then the conferencing solution development will remove all other features that are not needed by the organization.

The enterprise conferencing solution provides crystal clear voice quality and high definition video quality for audio video conferences. The companies can leverage many benefits by using it as an integral part of communication.

Key benefits of the enterprise conferencing solution are listed below:
  • Empowered communication and collaboration between team and clients
  • Increase productivity
  • Take important decisions instantly
  • Make communication fast and effective
  • Keep logs of conferences to take important decisions
  • Reduced communication expenses
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Build good rapports with customers
  • Speed up sales process
  • Increase ROI
  • And more

You can take your business to another level by getting an enterprise conferencing solution. Contact us to discuss more.