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Often a situation arises where more than 2 persons of the company have to collaborate together from remote location to discuss upon some important points or areas. This type of communication can be heavy on the pocket of the company because call charges for such 3-way communication are quite heavy with traditional telecommunication solutions. Also, the traditional telecommunication solutions have their own limitations. This generated need of a reliable and advanced conferencing solution. If you are one of those who are looking for conferencing solution development, this is a brief guide for available conferencing solutions. This will aid your decision making and buying choice.

What Is Conferencing Solution?

Before we get into details of the conferencing solution, it is important to understand what conferencing solution actually is! It is a software solution, which allows conducting call between more than 2 people. This means more than 2 people can stay in the same call to conduct a conference and exchange thoughts. The conferencing solutions come with advanced features and benefits to fit into conferencing needs of different organizations.

Types of Conferencing Solutions

There are 3 different types of conferencing solution available in the market.

Audio conferencing solution

Video conferencing solution

Web conferencing solution        

1. Audio Conferencing Solution

If you only required to have voice conference, then this solution can be one of the best conferencing solutions. As it only offers audio conferencing, it consumes less bandwidth. There can be different mode of communication and advanced features available with the audio conferencing solution.

2. Video Conferencing Solution

This is one of the most famous conferencing solutions and also effective for prospect meeting or taking classes on some specific subject. This will give a feel of face to face communication as each conference participant can see each other in videos. As it offers video conferencing, this will require a good amount of internet bandwidth to offer good quality of video and audio.

3. Web Conferencing Solution

This is one of the most adopted conferencing solutions. This solution comes with a web based admin panel. Each conference participants can initiate or participate in the conference using a web based admin panel. This supports real time and remote conferencing mechanism. Thus, it is getting popular among business users.

Also, there can be blended conferencing solution available which will blend more than 1 conferencing channels. For example, an audio video conferencing solution, which can be used for audio video conferencing or any of them based on the requirement.

We, Vindaloo Softtech, offer conferencing solution. To know more about our conferencing solution, please contact us.