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Today’s businesses have crossed the geographical borders. They have a wider reach and have connected with the customers, vendors, investors and many other types of business professionals worldwide to expand the growth of the business. Moreover, the companies also recruit talent from different countries to achieve the unachievable for their businesses. These remote employees can be sales representatives, digital marketing experts, developers, designers, lawyers, etc. The companies need to be in touch with all these business professionals who are intuitive part of their business. The option of traveling to have a professional one to one meeting with all these types of business professionals could be a bad idea as one needs to travel from one country to another country which would drain money, time and resources of the company. The best solution is using the technological innovations which can make this collaborative work environment possible and cost effective. One of as such solution is “Conferencing solution”. Also known as Conferencing Software Solution!

What Is Conferencing Solution?

It is a solution which lets more than two people communicate with each other in real time. It is more advanced than a normal conference call with a traditional telephony system as the conferencing solution often comes with a wide range of features and it offers a lot of futuristic ways of close collaboration as well as experience of personal meetings.

Types of conferencing solutions

The conferencing solutions are generally developed by the top VoIP development companies like, Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. As it uses the VoIP technology to conduct conferences, it is also known as a VoIP conferencing solution. The conferencing solution can be divided into different types based on the types of conference modes it supports or the natures of the conferencing solution. Let me brief each type of conferencing software solution for you:

Types of conference modes

Based on the types of conference modes, the conferencing solution can be divided into following 3 types:

1. Audio Conferencing Solution

In this type of conferencing solution a conference bridge is created by the conferencing software solution. Once this conferencing bridge is created, multiple people can be connected with this conferencing bridge via their telephones. One needs to just dial a number from his / her phone to join an audio conference.

2. Video Conferencing Solution

This is a two way conferencing in which multiple people can join a video conference via their laptops, desktops or smart devices. In this case, people need to join a conference with their system camera or webcam.

3. Web Conferencing Solution

It is web based conferencing solution in which people join a conference using a web based application. The connection is opened, carried out and closed on the internet itself. It has many advanced features which are not available in the audio conferencing solution, such as, screen sharing.

Types of conferencing solution based on its nature

Other than the communication channels, one can also categorize the conferencing software solution based on their nature. Below are the two types of conferencing solutions based on the nature of the conferencing solution:

1. Single tenant conferencing solution

In this type of conferencing software solution, there is only one solution which can be controlled by the organization that owns the conferencing solution.

2. Multi tenant conferencing solution

In this type of conferencing software solution, the main administrator can create multiple tenant or user accounts with a predefined number of features.


This is a quick guide on the conferencing software solution and how businesses can choose the type of conferencing solution which can fit in the collaboration need of their business.

We, Vindaloo Softtech, offer all different types of conferencing solutions. To know more about our conferencing software solution, please get in touch with us!