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eCommerce is becoming the most profitable industry. Online retail sales amount to 4.9 Trillion U.S dollars worldwide and experts forecast it to grow over 50% within the next four years. (Source: Statista)

This kind of surge in the eCommerce market is a boon and bane as well for business owners. The increase in the online visitors to the store translates to increased revenues but also means increased queries and demand for a better customer care experience.

A minor slip-up or a bad experience can push the customer towards the competition. Such modern problems require modern solutions such as chatbots and automated emails. However, for certain customers, having an actual person on the other side of the line is more comforting than the pre-programmed response from a robot. For such scenarios, a contact center solution is indispensable.

Let’s understand the key features a modern contact center solution brings to the eCommerce industry.

Key features of a modern contact center solution

A contact center software for E-Commerce enables your agents to perform optimally and drive more sales. The contact center solution is designed just for that, managing your contact center tasks perfectly well. In addition, there are great features available with a modern call center software that not only ease the burden on the agents but also improve their productivity, such as:

  • Automatic call distribution – The calls are automatically distributed to any available agent, ensuring the customer reaches the support agent quickly.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) – Ensures the customer reaches the correct department without jumping through various hoops.
  • Call queue – A feature that keeps the caller engaged and entertained while having fewer call agents/human resources available.
  • Call monitoring – Ensures the call quality is never compromised and the agents are putting their best foot forward when interacting with the caller.
  • Call recording – A feature to allow agents to play their conversations for research and personalization purposes.
  • Forwarding – When facing unexpected volumes of calls, the next call is forwarded to the next available agent.
  • Voice mail notification – The software collects any voicemails, and the agent is notified without distracting them from the existing call.
  • Miss call management – Missed a call? Using the intelligent miss call management feature, you could redirect the call to another agent or to the voicemail.
  • Phonebook and Contact Management – All the information about the customer, is quickly retrievable from a single source and utilized for offering personalized services.

Benefits of Call Center Software for eCommerce and Retail Industry

The contact center software is built to offer simplicity and user-friendliness. They are modular and easy to use, having all the necessary features that a contact center staff can ever fantasize of! This, in turn, allows better customer retention because the business is able to provide the best possible customer support & care. It certainly maximizes the staff’s efficiency and enhances the customer experience. Here are some more benefits of a contact center software for the eCommerce and Retail Industry:

First Contact Resolution

Provide all important client information on a single screen to your agents, allowing them to address customer queries more quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Multi-channel Customer Support

With an omnichannel call center software solution, you can extend your reach and communicate with consumers on their chosen channel. Interact with customers over numerous channels while avoiding communication silos. Integrate all of your communication channels, including voice, email, live chat, Google’s business messaging, social media, and others, to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopper experience at every touchpoint.

Increase Repeat Customers

When First Contact Resolution is paired with increased customer satisfaction, a favorable brand image is created, and the pleased customers become brand ambassadors.

Higher Agent Productivity

Advanced call center software allows your staff to automate outgoing calls while simultaneously benefiting from clever incoming routing, allowing them to do more in less time.

Make things Personal

Collect data at every touchpoint along the route to get a comprehensive view of the customer’s journey. This allows your customer care representatives to respond swiftly to inquiries and assist customers based on their previous behavior while still meeting SLAs and KPIs.

Let the Customers Serve Themselves

When it comes to resolving a problem, many consumers prefer to have as little interaction with an agent as possible. Using call center software that includes consumer self-service alternatives such as self-service IVR, artificially intelligent voice bots, and chatbots enables the customers to discover answers independently. This relieves your customer service personnel of some of their responsibilities, allowing them to focus on more pressing and challenging issues.

Scale as you Grow

The contact center won’t skimp on the customer experience for a business that prompts remote working. With a solid contact center, you can be up and operating remotely in hours and provide your agents the freedom to work from their laptops or cellphones. In addition, enjoy the flexibility to expand or descale based on company needs or seasonal demands with remote monitoring tools at your disposal.

Wrapping Up

When looking for a decent contact center solution, you need one that will help you solve many of your online company challenges. It should also create a smart and streamlined work environment that achieves higher customer happiness and more revenue. A robust contact center solution with all of the latest features can undoubtedly help an eCommerce firm. It is preferable to choose one that is not only up to date but also configurable. If you need a customized solution or need further assistance with a contact center, Vindaloo Softtech’s development team is ready to help.