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eCommerce industry is one of those industries which are always pumped up with new customers and repeat customers. At the same time, every now and then a new competitor jumps into this alluring business of shopping. Thus, to sustain in this viciously competitive industry, each eCommerce owner must take care of the customers concerns and keep generating new sales.

The contact center solution development can be really beneficial for the eCommerce industry in overpowering the competitors to keep business moving in a forward direction. There are many call center solutions available in the market, but I would say getting the contact center solution development is really worth an investment.

The contact center solution provides an omnichannel communication system which is the necessity for the eCommerce segment. With the contact center solution, you can allow your agents to receive voice calls to handle the customer concerns or make audio calls to offer new discounts and coupon codes to generate new business. The contact center solution also provides email module and SMS module, which is useful to verify the users or to send product catalogue or to send a special offer code during the live call. Another really useful communication mode offered by the contact center solution development is instant messaging aka Chat. It means the eCommerce business can provide the chat support to the customers who prefer chatting conversation over the call.

The contact center solution development can be performed with the custom features based on the need of the eCommerce business model which is not possible in the ready to use call center solution. When an eCommerce business owner buys the call center solution, he needs to get the one with all available features which might not be useful for the eCommerce business. Also, to get new features, the additional cost has to be paid and even after paying and developing the additional feature, the eCommerce business doesn’t get the ownership of the call center solution. On the other hand, when the eCommerce business invests in the contact center solution development, they can choose the features they want. Also, they will get the complete ownership of the developed contact center solution and its all features.

The contact center solution development for eCommerce industry provides a complete call center solution with value added features and a wide range of benefits. As it is a software based solution, the installation and setup can be quicker and hassle free. The service provider company can install the solution on cloud or on-premises server based on your requirement.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have a team of experts that can develop a contact center solution with custom features. We offer contact center solution development with the eCommerce industry specific features as well as many related benefits. Our developed call center solution for the eCommerce industry supports both, PRI and SIP lines. Also, we can integrate third party solution and applications to empower its functional capacity in harmony with your existing systems. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.