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March 1, 2021, the leading VoIP and mobile app development company Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. had introduced its up-and-coming new service, Cross-Platform App Development. On conducting in-depth research into the Mobile App Development Market, the company made a decision to offer these services with the only purpose of helping people build apps without having to choose between the major platforms, i.e., iOS and Android.

Upon seeing that there is a high demand for Cross-Platform Apps, We decided to expand its service to this sector as well. Vindaloo Softtech gives the opportunity of developing one application for every platform using a single source code with Cross-Platform Frameworks such as Ionic, Flutter, and React Native. Their app developers have expertise in developing such apps and leverage these mediums to accomplish seamless results.

No matter the platform, iOS, Android, Windows, or Web Apps, we develops apps for all of them. The company recognizes the requirements of a business and builds Cross-Platform based upon them. Businesses that opted for Vindaloo Softtech’s Cross-Platform App Development have been successful in achieving their marketing goals along with a wider market to function in.

“Vindaloo Softtech is a professional Cross-Platform App Development company that understands the value of owning a world-class app. We commit ourselves to offer an all-inclusive spectrum of Cross-Platform App Development solutions to cater to the requirements of our clients. We very well understand the fact that every business does not operate the same way, hence, we make sure that the applications we develop are fit for your business,” stated Bhaskar Metikel, CEO of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

We provides businesses with three frameworks to choose from as per the client’s business needs since it acknowledges all businesses are different and have diverse requirements.

In addition, Mr. Metikel stated, “We comprehend that all businesses have varied needs and one Framework might not be able to do justice to those requirements. So, we bring a range of frameworks to choose from. We help you build your app with your choice of framework.”

Be it SMBs, Startups, Enterprises, or an organization that is already established, Vindaloo Softtech ventures to give its services to all kinds and sizes of businesses. Regardless of the type of Cross-Platform App a business is looking to get developed, We aspires to stand by the expectations of its clients.

About the Company

The Ahmedabad-based company Vindaloo Softtech is a trusted name in the VoIP industry. It delivers customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. Specialized in offering numerous other services, it aims to provide innovative solutions with a client-centric approach to match the expectation level of clients.