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Is your business flooding in with new leads?

Are you having trouble trying to manage this data?

Are your staff members losing their potential skills and wasting time collecting this data?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you probably need a well equipped CRM system to help you out with the customer data.

Standard CRM Solution

A good CRM Software is nothing but technological tools put together strategically to help you interact with your prospects and turn them into customers, while also retaining your existing customers. It also helps you build healthy and long-term relationships with your said customers/clients. In turn, you get results like better sales and generate more revenue through customer satisfaction. Your CRM software can become your ace card while managing your customers and their respective data, helping you increase sales in just a short period of time.

This new found, improved efficiency will further help in maintaining a smoother workflow in your organization. Not only does it help you increase your sales, a CRM Software will allow you to monitor the data simultaneously and give your staff members a break from handling this data manually, so that they are able to put their skills to better use in the organization.

What should a Standard CRM Solution include, you ask?

Your Standard CRM Solution should be able to do the following things to help your business grow:

  • It should have a sales module that will allow you to monitor and control the targets of your sales department.
  • A Dashboard with time to time reports that lets you know the progression of your company’s sales goals.
  • A service module that will help you equip an efficient and faster customer service.
  • A marketing module with features such as social media marketing, and email marketing.

“Well, all of this looks great but what if I want more features in my CRM Solution?”

Sure! There is no denying that every business operates differently and a Standard CRM System that has worked just fine for your competitors’ business will not necessarily work the same for your business. This is where we bring up Custom CRM Software Development.

Custom CRM Software Development

Custom CRM Software is a tool that we build from scratch with the help of our software developers to fit perfectly into your business. A Custom CRM Solution will be designed to fulfill all and any requirements your business might have right now or in the future.

The nature of any business is ever changing, if your business requirements do not change with the market and changing needs of your customers, you might be in deep trouble. So even if in future, your business requirements change, you can simply implement these new requirements within your Custom CRM Software Development. As we all know it is custom built especially for your business, so you can make any changes at any given point in time.

What needs to be included in your Custom CRM Solution, one might wonder.

Your Custom CRM Solution should look something like this:

  • A CRM Solution constructed to cater to your business specific requirements and needs.
  • Tailored according to the current workflow of your business so it does not eat up much time training your staff members on how to use it.
  • Comes with an excellent integration within all departments of your business.
  • Allows system expansion when you need to add in new features.

By now, you must have a clear idea on what a Standard CRM Solution can do for your business and what a Custom CRM Solution can do for your business.

But how do you decide which one you need to go with for the betterment of your business?

Let us see!

Which CRM System suits the best for your business?

Before you reach a decision, you must do a thorough research on which CRM system will help your business grow. For this, you can also get in touch with a Software Development Company such as ourselves.

Standard CRM SystemCustom CRM System
Various features that are updated automaticallyCustom built features designed specifically for your business needs
New features could be purchased in the futureNew features could be added in the future
Easy to integrate and implementTakes some time to integrate and implement
Can be used as freemium or somewhat expensive plansCostly development since it is custom made
Bug fixing can become a problemBug fixing is easy and fast
Comes with high-quality supportComes with high-quality support
Works mainly for startupsGood for business of all sizes

In Conclusion

Bottom line is, using a CRM System has inevitably become essential for a business to become the face of success. Since not all CRM Systems are created in the exact same way, you are required to analyze weakness and strengths of each feature it comes with.

At times it becomes critical to get a Custom CRM Software Development.

Before you invest in a CRM Solution, you need to carefully consider the positives and negatives it might bring to your business. Contact us today!