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Changing trends and advanced technologies are transforming all different industry verticals positively. The education industry is taking benefit of the digital era, unstoppable communication and remote learning these days. There are many tools that are making all this happen and one of the most powerful tools is the video conferencing solution. The video conferencing solution has provided a way to the students learn from any teacher / university in the world without moving an inch from the desk. For example, a university in the USA can teach students in India in real time and this could have been possible just because of video conferencing solution.

The traditional video conferencing solutions had certain limitations such as, each participant needs to install the software and it may not run on certain systems or Smart devices. All these challenges are resolved with an invention of the WebRTC technology. The education industry can have an advanced solution, called WebRTC Client Solution.

The WebRTC client solution provides all features one can have in the video conferencing solution, including,

  • Audio video conference
  • Screen share
  • Image share
  • File share
  • Chat

The major benefit of the WebRTC client solution over traditional video conferencing solutions is that it can be used remotely with ease. The participants don’t need to install and set up any software, plug-in, add-on or application to use the WebRTC based video conferencing solution.

The WebRTC Client Solution is the perfect video conferencing solution for education industry as it offers many benefits to it which make this industry flourish. Let me share the top 3 pros of WebRTC based video conferencing solution for the education industry:

Quick and Easy

The WebRTC solution is very easy to use. All you need to do is open a URL and login into the system. That’s it! It is as simple as logging into the Facebook and Twitter. The teachers and students will have different user features. The teachers can teach with video conference as well as screen sharing. The students can participate by asking direct questions via video or instant messaging. All the conferences can be recorded with a click and can be reused as reference.

Cost Effective

The WebRTC client solution is a cost effective solution. All you need to pay is a one time fee to get the solution. You don’t need to spend on hardware and software maintenance. The main benefit is there is no additional cost for the conferences. You don’t need to buy any call carriers or pay telecom charges. The calls are established from the fundamentals of browser to browser calling which is free to use. That means you can have 100 live sessions and there is no additional cost for the same.

Supports Real time Learning

The WebRTC is developed to simplify communication with real time and remote communication. Thus, the WebRTC based video conferencing solution provides a tool to empower the remote learning in real-time. The educational institutes can conduct classes in real time to benefit the students.


The WebRTC Client solution provision a reliable and robust tool to the education industry. There are many educational institutes that have already started taking benefit of WebRTC based video conferencing solution. You can be the next flourishing educational institute. Contact us for more detail.