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Mobile SIP dialer, also known as a VoIP mobile dialer and SIP softphone, is a perfect mixture of the power of mobile app and VoIP. The mobile SIP dialer is available for personal and professional utilities. The white label mobile SIP dialer app is perfect for business users and service providers. This app is available for both, Apple and Android users and often comes with a wide array of features to benefit its users. For example, our mobile SIP dialer solution is loaded with the most advanced communication and collaboration features and it can be used by any company or provider. To gain maximum benefits from your investment in this technological tool, you need to follow some best practices as listed below:

1. Know your mobile SIP dialer closely

Without a doubt, VoIP mobile dialer is easy to use. As soon as someone installs this app, he or she gets to know different screens and functionalities offered by them. For example, our mobile SIP dialer app has engaging and user friendly screens which increase engagement rate. Different providers may have a different set of features. For example, we offer integration of the device’s phonebook with the contact book of this app. However, all providers don’t offer this feature. Thus, it is necessary to know all the details about your SIP softphone. You can ask your provider to give you a walk-through to the whole system or you can review the webpage of this solution on the website of your provider or refer any manual or documentation provided to you.

2. Know utilities of the mobile SIP dialer

Generally, people consider it as a cheaper alternative of telephone and PSTN based calls. Yes, this is true and this is one of the biggest benefits of this SIP mobile dialer app. However, this is not the only benefit and use of this app. There are many more use cases that benefit businesses. Knowing your app will definitely help you understand what else you can do by using this app in your business. You can also take the help of your SIP softphone provider to give more details about the practical use cases of this app. For example, the conference feature of this app can be used to have a quick group discussion between a customer, a representative and a concern person such as a developer. There can be many more use cases of this app to increase ROI.

3. Encourage use of the mobile SIP dialer

You can only yield returns if a bought solution is used. People are lazy or skeptical about new changes and that’s why it is not really straightforward that you get a white label mobile SIP dialer and everyone starts using it. You need to encourage them to use it. For example, if you are using this SIP softphone for your staff, you can make a policy to encourage more use of it. If you are a service provider, you can run some digital marketing campaigns to increase the use of it.


The mobile SIP dialer app is indeed a really powerful communication and collaboration tool if used effectively. Take benefit of this power of VoIP and mobile to gain multiple benefits.

If you are interested in our white label mobile SIP dialer application, please get in touch with us.