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Staff productivity is one of the defining factors to increase ROI for any business. If staff is performing well, the business can increase the profit. On the other hand, if the productivity of the team is not up to the mark, a company is more like to make less profit or even worse, start making losses. That’s the reason all companies like to implement tools and solutions that can increase productivity of the staff. The FreeSWITCH solutions are in the category of popular solutions that increase the staff productivity. You can get FreeSWITCH development based on your business need. Let me share the top 3 solution that you should get with the FreeSWITCH development to increase productivity of your team.

IVR Solution

IVR aka Interactive Voice Response solution works as an auto attendant and can be used by any industry and business. It attends all incoming calls with perfect professionalism and same energy 24*7. The business can increase their staff productivity with this solution as it automates certain actions and remove human resource involved in those operations. For example, call transfer can be done automatically; the frequently asked questions can be answered automatically. There can be many business operations that can be taken care of by the IVR solution. It will keep your manpower free and increase the overall productivity.

Conferencing Solution

The FreeSWITCH development to build a reliable conferencing solution is perfect for medium and large scaled enterprises to increase the staff productivity. It provides a perfect and reliable platform of communication and collaboration. The VoIP solution development for audio, video and web conferencing is in demand by the growing organization as it lets the staff collaborate from different branches and locations. It makes decision processes fast.

Call recording solution

With the use of FreeSWITCH development, you can get a call recording aka voice logger solution. It lets you record selected or all calls in your organization to review. Based on the review, you can conduct training sessions to improve the work approach that can help in increasing the productivity of an individual as well as overall staff.

These three are the top 3 solutions that help in increasing the productivity of the team. There are many other solutions that contribute to increase productivity. We have helped many companies with our VoIP solution development services to increase the productivity based on their goals and current model. Contact us to discuss your requirement to get the personalized solution.