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Instant messaging aka chat is used by all enterprises to support quick communication between employees as well as for external communication with the employees. The most commonly used applications to support this type of instant messaging are Google Hangout, Skype, Pidgin, etc. With increasing remote working environment and the necessity of operations from the field has also increased usage of mobile based messaging applications such as, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc. All of these are consumer based apps. Of course, some of them like Google Hangout and Skype give business benefits, but still those are third party applications. Have you ever thought of using the VoIP messaging application that is exclusive to your enterprise? You might haven’t because of the cost of development, but let me tell you some reasons to get a VoIP messaging application that will prove worth of your investment on this type of app.

1. Keep your data and sensitive information secure

We all know that the employees, customers, prospects, vendors, etc. talk about the business all the time. We are putting our vital and sensitive business information on the web in a third party application. Of course, these applications are claiming to keep it private and confidential, but we all know the threats of rights that come with the usage of the third party app. On the other hand, when you get your own VoIP messaging application aka mobile dialer, you are actually aware how the security is built for the same and how to control the same. Moreover, you also have the complete control on your data and you are not the victim of hidden terms and conditions the third party applications often have.

2. Logs of all conversations

We often ignore the fact of keeping the logs of professional communication, but it is always good to have the same for all the valid reasons. It helps you to keep the logs of all professional conversations which would help in many cases such as, quality control, dispute management, conducting personalized training sessions, etc. This is only possible with the mobile SIP dialer which is developed exclusively for your enterprise.

3. Increased Productivity

You might be wondering how come a VoIP messaging application can increase productivity, but this is true. Let me share how it does this. First of all it gives a quick and reliable app to your employees so they can communicate and collaborate any time. On the other hand, they are also aware of getting their communication logged by the central system so unnecessary talks can be minimized which will result in boosted productivity.

Once you get your mobile SIP dialer for the enterprise messaging, you can transfer all professional conversations on that app to assure the policies are followed at its best.

Now comes the question of investment. Well, the mobile SIP dialer app can come with many features, but if you specifically get an app for the messaging, then you can get it I the cost effective rates.

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