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VoIP is popular among businesses that deal with heavy communication and collaboration needs. The VoIP phone technology has gone beyond just telephony features and we all need to know what’s there in the cards of the VoIP phone technology. In this article, I will share the top 3 trends you should look forward to forthcoming future.

1. Increase in demand of custom VoIP solution development

Earlier there was a trend of using ready to use products. The companies used to look for the systems that are ready to deploy and use without any long wait. However, the trend has changed now. The ready to use products come with a lot of restrictions such as, not complete white label solution, no ownership of code, no control over roadmap of product enhancement and advancement and more. Thus, to overcome all these challenges, the serial VoIP business owners have started inclining towards custom VoIP software development. The business owners like to lead with command and that’s why they prefer to have complete control over the solution as well as its future plans.

2. Significant increase in WebRTC based solutions

Today’s businesses have crossed the geographies in all ways. The companies have customers, sales team members, developers, prospects, investors, etc. overseas or in other cities. Thus, the companies have started giving more emphasis on the VoIP phone technology that can support remote communication and that too in real time. Of course, all VoIP software development supports real time and remote communication, but WebRTC is the best choice for this type of VoIP solution development. The reason is WebRTC is built to meet this business communication need. The web phone built using the WebRTC development is on the top position these days for the enterprise communication. Thus, we can say that the WebRTC development is going to be one of the trending things in the forthcoming future.

3. Other trending technologies will influence the market

The technology is changing daily and new things are getting launched. The invention of Artificial Intelligence, Blockhain, IoT, etc. have started influencing the way VoIP solution development used to be performed earlier. Also, these new technologies have started adding new features in the VoIP solutions. In nearer future, we are more likely to see drastic changes in the functions of the VoIP solution and model of the VoIP software development.

These are the top 3 trends which will make major changes in the VoIP phone technologies and many other arenas of the VoIP industry. We, at Vindaloo Softtech, believe in stay updated with the current trends to benefit our customers with the best and most advanced VoIP solutions. If you are also looking for consultancy or development services, please contact us NOW!