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This is the time where the businesses are driven by the VoIP based communication solutions. Thus, more and more business owners and serial entrepreneurs are venturing their own VoIP businesses with the VoIP development. This article will work as a guiding light to choose the best development platform for your VoIP solution.

FreeSWITCH is the best VoIP technology that is renowned as the best platform for VoIP development. It is a cross telephony platform that offers a wide range of features to build the unified communication solution. The FreeSWITCH development is really useful if you are willing to build a reliable, scalable and robust solution. If you are thinking why to use FreeSWITCH module development, then let me share the top 5 facts which make it the best platform for any type of VoIP development.

1. Rich set of Inbuilt libraries and module

The FreeSWITCH is built by the VoIP experts and it has many inbuilt libraries and modules which make VoIP development faster. The integrated libraries provide the required starting point to the developers to build a robust solution.

2. Cross Telephony Platform Support

FreeSWITCH is renowned for its compatibility with different types of codecs, platforms and media. The FreeSWITCH development can build a solution that can work on Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Debian, RHEL, and CentOS / Fedora. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

3. Better Video / Voice Quality

FreeSWITCH is furnished with some great characteristics, modular architecture and inbuilt functionalities which support High Definition (HD) quality video and crystal clear voice quality. Even with multiple concurrent channels the FreeSWITCH based solution can provide the highest quality.

4. Solid Support for Multi tenant VoIP development

FreeSWITCH is popular for its facet of supporting thousands of concurrent audio and video calls. This makes it perfect for the development of the solutions that support multi tenancy. It can create a cluster of tenant and had handle wholesale call quantity without affecting the call or conference quality in any way.

5. Support multiple languages

The FreeSWITCH development need knowledge of a programming language as integrated libraries need to be customized and certain new FreeSWITCH module development will be needed to add new functionality. The FreeSWITCH supports various popular programming languages such as, Lua, Java, Python, C, JavaScript, .NET, Perl, etc. This makes the FreeSWITCH development convenient and flexible.

These are the top 5 reasons which make the FreeSWITCH development recommended to anyone who wants to build a VoIP communication system. Moreover, this platform can be used to develop any type of VoIP solution such as, IP PBX, Call center, VoIP softswitch, Click to call, etc. Thus, it is the best telephony platform to develop reliable, scalable and robust VoIP based communication solution.

We, Vindaloo Softtech, have expertise in FreeSWITCH development and we have benefited many businesses with our FreeSWITCH development services. Contact us to discuss your project and to know how we can help you.