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The era of VoIP-driven business communication is here. It successfully replaces traditional phone lines for small businesses to MNCs as a robust and reliable communication solution with the potential for scalability. Many open-source and closed-source technologies can help developers create a capable VoIP-based communication solution, but many developers still side with FreeSWITCH development. The multiple features and characteristics of FreeSWITCH as an open-source VoIP technology make it a perfect platform for developing any VoIP solution. 

Introduction to FreeSWITCH

FreeSWITCH is a modular architecture that provides developers with a scalable platform to develop a robust VoIP solution. It is a free, open-source communication software solution licensed under Mozilla Public License. It is capable enough to handle voice, video, multimedia, and data from both IP or PSTN networks on a single line without the user facing any loss of quality. FreeSWITCH developers can leverage the availability of open-source libraries to achieve most functionalities without needing to write multiple lines of code or reinvent the wheel. The most used functions available in FreeSWITCH are

  • Apache portable runtime – a series of resources leveraged by Apache web server.
  • SQLite – a lightweight implementation of the SQL database engine.
  • Sofia-SIP – an open-source SIP user agent library.
  • libspeex – Speex Digital Signal Processor (DSP) library, primarily used for voice codec encoding/decoding.
  • mod_spandsp – used for 38 fax gateway or passthrough.
  • libSRTP – an open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol.

Companies offering FreeSWITCH development services can build innovative VoIP business solutions (listed below) tailored to cater to businesses’ custom needs. Developers can use FreeSWITCH to create the following VoIP products:

  • PBX (Office phone system)
  • Class 5 Softswitch (Telephone carrier)
  • Application servers such as Voicemail, conferencing, and IVR

Advantages of FreeSWITCH

1. High compatibility and platform independence

It is renowned as a cross-telephony platform that can be used to perform any sort of FreeSWITCH development. It is compatible with all different types of operating systems, such as Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian, CentOS/Fedora, Mac OS X, and Windows. Furthermore, it supports all different programming languages, which can be used to build the front-end and make other changes in the core functionality. This VoIP telephony platform supports Python, Lua, Perl, Java, JavaScript, .Net, C, and many other programming languages. This makes it truly a cross-development platform that can be used for any VoIP FreeSWITCH development projects without any limitations or restrictions.

2. Can handle a variety of media

FreeSWITCH can handle different types of media such as audio, video, text, fax, email, data, and signals. Also, it is developed to work with various carriers, protocols, and codecs. Thus, the FreeSWITCH development can be used to build any type of VoIP solution that can support multiple media streams, protocols, codecs, and carriers.

3. Can handle large volumes without losing quality

The USP of this VoIP telephony platform is its incredible capacity to handle concurrent calls. It can handle thousands to millions of concurrent calls without losing quality. Not only audio calls but the VoIP FreeSWITCH Development can also be used to build a video calling solution to support large volumes of video calls in parallel.

4. Supports advanced Multi-tenancy

FreeSWITCH has specific inbuilt libraries that can be easily customized with expert FreeSWITCH development to create a reliable, scalable, and robust multi-tenant solution. This characteristic and ease of implementation will let you create a system to connect your business branches to the main headquarter or you can use VoIP FreeSWITCH Development to build a VoIP solution that will open a new business revenue generation channel.

5. Possess modular architecture

FreeSWITCH is an open source and popular for its highly modular architecture that can be customized with FreeSWITCH development by a FreeSWITCH expert easily. This makes it a perfect platform to build a scalable VoIP solution without depending on your vendors.

6. Innovative Features

The FreeSWITCH is furnished with all features other VoIP telephony platforms possess. Still, the beauty is it has many more features that are not available in many other VoIP development platforms, such as, serial and parallel hunting, tone Generation, Inband DTMF generation and detection, wideband conferencing, thread isolation, etc.

Benefits of Using FreeSWITCH Development for Business Communication Solutions

You have the option of choosing specialized FreeSWITCH development services based on the demands of the company. Businesses may profit significantly from FreeSWITCH. The following are some noteworthy benefits of replacing your current system with a FreeSWITCH solution:

Lower Operation Costing

Costs associated with phone bills are significantly decreased when using an IP-based solution for company communications. The firm doesn’t incur additional charges for standard internet telephony beyond server running fees. With its advantages, the FreeSWITCH development platform gives the solution a boost.

High-Performing Solution

FreeSWITCH is renowned for being extremely performant. Assume, for instance, that a server running an Asterisk contact center system can support 250 simultaneous calls. With the same configuration, a call center system based on FreeSWITCH can handle 500 calls at once. Offering outstanding software performance decreases the cost of capital investment for company success and raises customer happiness.


Solutions using FreeSWITCH are more scalable and robust. Resources managed by FreeSWITCH are handled differently. Additionally, core functionality via a layered API effectively manages shared resources. It enhances the software’s stability and provides high-definition video and crystal-clear voice access.


The invention of FreeSWITCH aids in creating a highly scalable system. Whether you choose on-premise or cloud solutions, you will benefit from outstanding scalability. It aids in fostering the quick success and expansion of your business.

FreeSWITCH v/s Asterisk

Let’s compare Asterisk and FreeSWITCH to understand the core difference between both technologies.




Internal Architecture

Structured in design written using C language

Modular in design written using numerous programming languages

Configuration File format support 

Config files are in XML file format

Config files are in TXT file format

System Requirements

Needs at least a 1GHz processor and 1GB ram. Only supports 64-bit Linux OS.

It can work on 700MHz with 512MB ram. Supports 32-bit and 6-bit OS.


Supports clustering,
Multi-tenant capabilities, Allows individual systems in the cluster to fill multiple roles

IAX protocol,
Needs an additional system for multi-tenant capabilities, Only supports the same server connection.

Server Footprint



Database for auto-provisioning

Doesn’t support



Compared to the numerous open-source VoIP technology, such as Asterisk, FreePBX, Jitsi, etc., available in the market, FreeSWITCH is a complete platform well known for its quality and reliability in developing any simple to complex VoIP solution. We hope this article managed to help you understand the development nitty gritty of FreeSWITCH. If you don’t have expertise in FreeSWITCH development and want to develop a reliable solution, contact us NOW!