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VoIP industry is growing and that is evident when we see the innovations in the VoIP solution development. As everyone working in the VoIP industry knows there are 5 major technologies which are used for VoIP solution development as listed below:

  • Asterisk
  • OpenSIPs
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Kamailio
  • WebRTC

Today, we are going to talk about the announcement made by the OpenSIPs community. The OpenSIPs is launching OpenSIPs 3.0 and if you are working on VoIP development projects or software built with OpenSIPs development, then this information is must know for you.

Launch Calendar of OpenSIPs 3.0

The OpenSIPs community has announced that they are ready with the new version of OpenSIPs which is OpenSIPs 3.0. This is not minor tweak; this is a complete launch of transformed version of OpenSIPs. As per the shared details between 18th to 31st March, 2019, the beta version will be launched. The beta version will be available for use and the community will monitor the comments, concerns and bugs raised by the users and work on it. The community expects to release the stable version of OpenSIPs 3.0 between 22nd to 29th April, 2019. The community will provide the general availability on 30th April, 2019 during the OpenSIPs Summit 2019.

Scripting made easier

The OpenSIPs 3.0 will incorporate DevOps concepts in the OpenSIPs 3.0 to make the OpenSIPs development way easier than it is right now! This ease of code is available even for highly complex OpenSIPs development required to build a multi party platform.

A wider array of features

To improve the experience and productivity of the OpenSIPs developer and to benefit businesses that are using this technology, the OpenSIPs is going to bring a lot of amazing features. Below is the list of features that will be available in OpenSIPs 3.0 and the upcoming versions of OpenSIPs 3.x:

  • Auto scaling
  • Reloading of script
  • Console tracing
  • Module parameter change during run time
  • Custom prefix for xlog
  • Unified sharing tags for cluster support
  • Separate log level for xlog
  • Self diagnosis
  • Internal memory protection during restart
  • RabbitMQ consumer integration
  • SMPP integration
  • Full variable support
  • Complete pre processing support
  • Improved variable naming
  • Standardized formatting for the complex parameters
  • Route per listener inception
  • Script format change
  • And more

Developer friendly

The OpenSIPs 3.0 is aimed to provide a friendly platform to the developers. The interface and variable declarations are standardized and made easier to use. The need of memory refresh is made minimal. In fact, even in any case, the memory refresh is mandatory, the internal memory data will be preserved as much as possible. This will be a great feature for sure.

There are many amazing characteristics OpenSIPs 3.0 is bringing to the table to benefit the VoIP solution development project. The release of OpenSIPs 3.0 is more likely to increase the user base of the OpenSIPs users. If you want to take benefit of the OpenSIPs platform for your VoIP development project, we have a team of experts. Contact us to discuss your requirements.