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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions are benefiting all industry verticals with its powerful features. The IVR solution can work 365*24*7 to attend each incoming call automatically. Not only this, it also helps in automating many tasks and one of the tasks the advanced IVR solutions have automated is making an appointment. This type of the IVR solution which is specifically used for scheduling an appointment is known as an appointment booking IVR solution or an Appointment IVR solution. There are many organizations and companies which use appointment booking IVR system and healthcare industry is one of them. There are many hospitals, which use the Appointment IVR solution to let the patients or relative of patients schedule an appointment via an interactive voice response solution. In this article, I will share more details about how the appointment booking IVR solution works in the healthcare industries.

The Appointment IVR solution can be developed based on the need of the hospitals. It means if the hospital has only one doctor and provide specialized treatment such as pediatricians for childcare, then the appointment IVR solution for that type of hospitals would be simpler. On the other hand, if the hospital is a multispecialty hospital with multiple departments and doctors that provide healthcare checkup and diagnosis of different diseases, then the appointment IVR solution will have nested voice prompts and IVR menu. In both cases, the appointment IVR solutions for hospitals would be different.

Once the hospital gets the appointment IVR solution, it can be integrated within their telecom system. Once the appointment booking IVR solution is configured in the hospital, the patients or their family members can use it to book a medical appointment by following below mentioned steps:

  • They make a call to a predefined number of the hospital
  • Once the call is connected to the hospital via the Appointment IVR solution, the patient or his family member, who had called to the hospital, will listen to a welcome greeting and then a voice menu.
  • The voice prompts will provide required information to the caller such as, name of doctors, available dates and timeslots to have an appointment, etc. The caller can choose different options either by pressing a key on his phone’s dialpad or by giving a voice command.
  • By following the voice prompts and choosing options, an appointment in the hospital can be booked for the medical consultation

Generally, the appointment IVR solution for hospitals come with an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) based panel via which the hospital staff can make changes in the IVR menu, voice prompts and other details. For the end user, here, the patient or his family member, it is as simple as interacting with any other interactive voice response system.

The hospitals can save a lot of time, efforts and resources by using the appointment booking IVR solution for hospitals. We, at Vindaloo VoIP, have an expert team who is experienced in developing the appointment booking IVR solution for hospitals. Contact us to know more about our services and offerings.