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The VoIP industry has been in existence for many years and it has been benefiting many businesses with innovative and cost effective communication solutions. During these years so many amazing and innovative solutions have emerged and so many were put off the shelf because of the changing trends. However, one solution which has always been in demand is the IVR system. In this article, I will share more insight about the IVR system and its importance in the VoIP communication solutions.

What is IVR?

It is a really important solution and often works as an integral feature of many VoIP solutions. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Any business can get it with the custom IVR software development service offered by the VoIP companies. Once the IVR solution development process is finished, it can be integrated within the telecom system of the company which can be a VoIP based communication solution or traditional PSTN based telecom system. Once the IVR is integrated, it will work as an auto attendant.

Let’s see how IVR works?

When someone calls in to your company or organization, the IVR system will attend the call automatically. As soon as the call is attended, a predefined welcome message will be played, followed by another voice prompt which will be a menu. The caller can choose any one item by pressing a number on the dialpad of his phone or speaking out the option. As soon as an option is chosen, the IVR system will either play another message or let him take the final action. Here the action can be anything such as,

  • Reaching to a person of a specific department
  • Registering a complaint
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Paying a bill
  • Getting some information
  • Making a booking
  • Giving a feedback
  • And more

With emerging time and technology, the dynamic IVR solution is getting popular. The businesses demand to get the dynamic IVR solution development as it can have nested IVR menus as well as it can be customized easily at the customer end. It means the customer doesn’t need to contact his VoIP company to make changes in the VoIP prompts.

Importance of IVR Solutions in VoIP Communication

As mentioned earlier, IVR solution development has always been in demand in the VoIP industry. In fact, there is rarely any VoIP communication solution which doesn’t have IVR as it one of the features. IP PBX, Call center, Class 5 Softswitch, so on and so forth; almost all VoIP communication systems offer an IVR as a core feature. The IVR system helps companies to attend calls 365*24*7 and that, too, with the same energy and enthusiasm which works great in the customer service. Moreover, it removes receptionist and telecom operator which help in saving significant money over manual resources otherwise invested in attending calls.

The VoIP communication also uses IVR as a standalone app to provide an auto attendant tool to the companies and all businesses prefer to use the dynamic IVR system to delight their callers with the best user experience.

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