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Vindaloo Softtech provides the best of the industry’s Interactive Voice Response Solution (IVR) that promises to interact with the caller in an efficient manner. This system enables them to identify, classify & route calls to the correct recipient.

Many different industry sectors like banking, BPOs, call centers, healthcare, government organizations, entertainment, travel & hospitality, etc., are getting their hands on the IVR system to make the working of the company easy & well organized.

It is undoubtedly evident that every business needs an IVR system to make it an efficient working organization & bring about customer satisfaction by providing them with the desired solutions.

IVR system is essential to businesses for the following reasons –

  • Engages with customers in real-time – engaging business services with customers in real-time makes them feel important. Offering a menu with selectable options which customers can pick from makes customers feel more involved in the business.
  • Establishes a company’s brand image – a brand image is created at the point where every customer need is taken care of. IVR system provides excellent customer support, especially for small businesses & start-ups & makes the customers see a broader perspective of the business. Callers can connect to different departments, like support, sales, etc., with the help of an IVR system.
  • Routs call to the right department or agent – IVR system helps a caller to land to the correct recipient with whom the caller wishes to interact with. This gains good customer support points when a customer is well routed to their desired recipient.
  • Handles a large volume of calls – an IVR system helps in enhancing the ability of agents in managing a large volume of calls. In many of the systems, customers may not even have to talk to an agent for a query; they can quickly solve one by making use of the IVR system themselves.
  • Increases customer satisfaction – customer satisfaction comes from a variety of reasons like the time invested by customers for asking something & the time taken by agents or the IVR itself to solve their queries. However, IVR itself acts like a self-help tool to offer solutions to customers without them even interacting with a live agent.