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Voice over Internet Protocol is not new in the market. For more than a decade, it exists in the world and touching many lives.  VoIP based communication has been catering to many businesses with high quality communication, advanced features , and cost benefits for many years. With the advancement in technology,  businesses have started using more VoIP based solutions. This nature of the VoIP industry has attracted many serial entrepreneurs to invest in this ever increasing and growing business. To start a business in the VoIP industry, the first thing one need to define is the service model.

In a majority of service models, the business owners provide different types of VoIP services which can be simple calling services for the business or home users or advanced communication services such as, enterprise grade conferencing. Also, there is the business to business VoIP businesses such as  VoIP termination and wholesale VoIP services. To run any business, a VoIP service provider needs to get the professional VoIP development services in order to build software which can be used to provide different services. Earlier, there were limited choices to develop a VoIP solution for the business. However, with time there are many stable and reliable VoIP development technologies got introduced in favor of businesses. The Kamailio is one of the best VoIP development technologies which are in the industry for many years now.

With its robust nature and amazing range of features, it has won “Open Source Excellence” award at SimCon 2019 in February  2019. The Kamailio development can be used to develop a wide range of secure and scalable VoIP solutions.

The Kamailio solution development can be used to build one of the following type of VoIP solution:

  • Telephony solution, which is built as a standalone SIP server with Kamailio development. This telephony solution can cater to a very huge number of customers with the same high quality of voice and other features.
  • Failure routing system to take care of the situation of failure more professionally
  • Load balancer to balance the excessive load on the server with ease
  • Scalable IP PBX which is similar to the Asterisk or FreeSWITCH based IP PBX can be built using the Kamailio solution development
  • Least cost routing solution which can be used as an integral module of any big system
  • SIMPLE Presence server based on the SIP
  • Instant Messaging server based on the SIP
  • Unified communication solution
  • And more

The Kamailio solution development can also be used to develop hybrid solution. By hybrid solution, I mean that any other VoIP technology can be combined with the Kamailio development to build a futuristic solution for the VoIP service provider.

Kamailio based systems are easy to use and manage, but for Kamailio solution development, one needs expertise in this technology. It is advisable to use the Kamailio development company or expert to build a reliable and scalable solution with integrated security modules.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have Kamailio solution development experts who have built many different Kamailio solutions for VoIP service providers and we can help you in your project as well. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.