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The business of wholesale VoIP calling is one of the most profitable businesses. It enjoys the widest customer base even if there is a lot of competition because the opportunities are unlimited. If you, too, are willing to start a business as a wholesale VoIP service provider, the first thing you need to get is the Wholesale Softswitch. The hardware based switch is also available in the market, but the Softswitch solution has many benefits over it. Your whole business is dependent on your wholesale softswitch aka class 4 softswitch. Thus, you have to be careful while buying the one. In this article, I will share the top 5 things that you must keep in mind while buying the wholesale softswitch solution.

1. Features

You may find a lot of options available in the market to choose from, but don’t get carried away with a long list of features or cheap rates. Before exploring the options, make a list of must have features in your softswitch solution based on your business model. Once you prepare this list of features, you should start exploring the available softswitch solutions and comparing the features of the softswitch with your required features. You have to ensure that your wholesale softswitch has all required features.

2. Scalability

The wholesale calling business grows exponentially. Thus, while you buy a solution, you may have a solution that supports a limited number of concurrent calls to start with, but when you grow, your wholesale softswitch must support increasing demand of your business. You have to make sure that you get a highly scalable softswitch solution.

3. Ownership

It is always good to have your own brand identity on your softswitch solution instead of the vendor’s brand elements. Thus, you need to make sure whether you own the rights on the solution with the license to make changes in the theme, branding elements as well as in the features, if needed. You can also go for custom class 4 softswitch solution development to own the code and all rights on the solution which is not available when you get the ready to use wholesale softswitch.

4. Reliability

It is very important that you can rely upon your softswitch as well as your vendor. The wholesale business is very critical and that’s why your solution has to be secure as well as robust. At the same time, your vendor should have the expertise to meet custom needs of your business at the moment and in the future to make sure you don’t need to find another vendor at any point. Thus, you must look for the wholesale softswitch and the provider that you can rely upon.

5. Post-sale Support

Once you buy and install the softswitch solution, the things will be automated. You can put your staff to manage the daily operations. However, there can be certain tasks when you would need support from the original developers of the wholesale softswitch. Thus, you should check the available support packages and availability of support engineers to ensure you get the support instantly.

End Notes

The whole business of a wholesale VoIP service provider is dependent on the wholesale softswitch. Thus, you have to be extra careful while choosing the one for your business. Keep these 5 points in mind to assure you get the best wholesale softswitch solution. We provide the best softswitch solution to our customers. Contact us to discuss your requirements.