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Mobile dialer application is an amazing tool for empowered and enriched communication. There are many businesses which use the mobile dialer application which is also known as a mobile SIP dialer. The app can be used to decrease the communication cost for your business or it can be used to provide additional services to your customers. The VoIP service providers often sell service of the VoIP calling with an add-on of the mobile SIP softphone.

There are some free mobile SIP dialer applications available in the app stores, but it is always better to have your own mobile dialer application developed. The development of the custom mobile SIP dialer app can help in increasing the business benefits because you can have ownership of the code and the app as well as you can have the features one would need.

The mobile dialer application must be developed by the experts because it is not a usual mobile application. One would need the proficiency in VoIP and mobile app development to build a reliable mobile dialer app. Thus, it is always recommended to take the help of a company which holds expertise in mobile dialer application development.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech have been catering needs of the businesses with our mobile application development and VoIP development services. We have expertise in different technologies in VoIP and mobile development industry. We have helped many businesses by developing a custom mobile dialer app. We can develop a mobile dialer application as per the communication need of your business or based on the business model you are defining. We would be glad to provide suggestions and recommendations as and when you need to assure you get the best mobile SIP dialer app.

We have experience in developing a mobile dialer app with any combination of the features mentioned below:
User-friendly interface with GUI elements

  • Integration of the mobile dialer app phonebook with the contact book of the mobile
  • Codec support for all different types of codes such as, G711, G722, , GSM, AMR, G729, etc.
  • Call connection
  • Support for the calling card
  • Call transfer
  • Call timer
  • Call hold and retrieve
  • Call forwarding
  • File sharing
  • Last call dial
  • Call history
  • And more

Our developed mobile SIP dialer can be used with any type of internet network, such as WiFi, 3G, 4G, GPRS, etc.

We offer white-label mobile SIP dialer application development. It means the developed mobile dialer app will have the logo of your company as well as look and feel will be designed as per your brand business colors.

We have expertise in developing custom features for the existing mobile SIP dialer application. Also, we offer integration of a payment gateway in the mobile SIP dialer application. It means once the payment gateway is integrated you can bill customers automatically based on its usage. You can also use the mobile SIP dialer app with the calling card.

To have a discussion on your requirement and how we can help you to fulfill your requirements, please contact us.