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Communication is the heart of life, whether we talk about professional communication or personal communication. The technology has evolved the way people communicate with each other. There are many different types of communication devices and solutions available and today we are going to talk about one of the most interesting communication solution available for professionals and personal usage, namely, Mobile SIP Dialer.

What Is Mobile SIP Dialer?

The mobile SIP dialer is a mobile application which offers a wide range of features for rich communication to its users. This app uses the internet protocol to carry different types of communication and data from source aka sender to destination aka receiver. It enables two way communication in real time from remote locations.

The mobile SIP dialer is also known as VoIP mobile dialer app because it uses VoIP technology to make communication happen between two or more people.

Role of Mobile SIP Dialer in Communication

The mobile SIP dialer can be used in both professional and personal communication. All one needs to do is to use the mobile SIP dialer app is to either download an open source mobile SIP dialer application available in Google Play Store and Apple app store as per your device and make required settings. That’s it! The open source mobile SIP dialer applications are available for free in the play stores. Alternatively, one can get a white label mobile SIP dialer application from the provider like we, Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The white label VoIP mobile dialer application can help you take benefit of more rich communication features; professional service in performing configurations and ongoing support.

The mobile SIP dialer provides all required modes of communication one would expect in the best communication application. Below is the list of key features available in the VoIP mobile dialer app to enrich communication:

  • Phonebook integration
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Three way conferencing
  • File share
  • Image share
  • Chat
  • Call history
  • Last call redial

As you can see the mobile SIP dialer app can be used to take benefit of omnichannel communication.

Another important role mobile SIP dialer app plays in communication is cutting the cost over communication. The SIP based communication is way cheaper than the traditional communication. Even the international calls can be performed at cheaper rates which is impossible with the legacy telecom solution. In fact, one would only pay when they call from mobile SIP dialer app to any other mobile number or landline number. The call from one mobile SIP dialer app to another VoIP mobile dialer app can be absolutely free.

If you use white label mobile SIP dialer app, you can also enjoy benefits of privacy and data confidentiality which are often compromised in using open source and / or third party application. The privacy of data plays a very important role in the lives of many, especially, in the business communication.

The mobile SIP dialer can really enrich the way you communicate. We, at Vindaloo VoIP, offer white label mobile SIP dialer app for Android and iOS devices. Contact us to know more about it.