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SIP dialer aka SIP softphone is pretty much in demand. The SIP dialer is a communication tool that imitates a mobile phone. It provides all communication features available in the mobile phone and today’s smart devices. Moreover, it offers a wide array of additional communication features. For example, similar to a Smartphone, a SIP softphone comes with a phonebook that lets its users’ store contacts of known people. It also provides a dialer to make a call on a number that is not stored in the phonebook. Furthermore, it allows calling to the numbers stored in the phonebook with a single click. Other common features are call mute and unmute, call hold and retrieve, call transfer, the last call redial, call history, and call forwarding.

If we talk about additional features, the SIP softphone or dialer also provides additional features that are not available as the default option on the phone. Of course, users can use those features by using external third-party applications. However, those applications often compromise sensitive data of the user or use them for their marketing and advertising purposes. Below is the list of additional features that are available in the SIP dialer applications:

  • Video call
  • Chat
  • Image or file share
  • In-app recharge option

The SIP softphone can be customized to add some more features to meet all communication needs of the company by developing an all in one unified communication app. This SIP softphone app is available in two different forms as listed below:

  1. Mobile SIP Dialer

  2. PC Dialer

Both offer the same features as shared earlier, then what makes them different. Let’s see.

What is mobile SIP Dialer?

Mobile SIP dialer is a SIP softphone that comes as a mobile application. It can be downloaded on an Android or iOS device to use all communication and additional features available in this app. It becomes part of a mobile phone or Smartphone.

What is PC Dialer?

It is a SIP softphone that gets installed on a laptop or desktop system. It stays installed on that particular system and to use its features one needs to access the computer.

Which is better?

The common answer is both are good and both are worth using. However, if you need to choose any one out of two, it completely depends on the use case.

If you are going to use this SIP Softphone for ongoing calls during your working hours, then PC dialer is a better choice. For example, if you are a support person or an agent that attends calls of the customers, the PC dialer is more flexible as you can use the same system to make and receive calls. You or your staff will find it a more flexible solution.

On the other hand, if you are going to use it for professionals that would go into the field or need to take calls at any time, then the mobile SIP dialer app is the best choice. For example, sales reps and business developers should have a mobile SIP dialer app to stay in touch with clients and team members as and when needed.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, have both types of SIP softphone. We offer white label solution to benefit our customers with branding benefits. To know more about our dialers, please get in touch with us.