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The financial service provider industry is huge enough. There are many sectors which are part of the financial industry such as,

  • Banks
  • Insurance agencies
  • Accounting service provider
  • Stock exchange service
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Investment services
  • And more

Each of these segments generally has multiple branch offices in the same city or different cities. It is really important to create a collaborative approach to enforce best customer experience and standards in the processes. The conferencing solution is one of the must have communication tools in the financial service provider company.

There are two major types of conferencing solutions available in the market:

1. Audio conferencing solution
2. Video conferencing solution

The financial service provider company can choose to get any one of the above mentioned conferencing solution based on its communication and collaboration needs. Some of the companies also get both of these conferencing solutions to have a unified communication system in place. Let me brief about both of these types of conferencing solutions for financial service providers:

Audio conferencing solution

This type of conferencing solution lets the financial service provider company to connect all its employees on call. This is more of a teleconferencing solution in which the companies get one number to conduct conference. Based on the capacity of the audio conferencing solution, the company can conduct the conference. The participant can join the conference by dialing the number. The conference can be secured with an access PIN number. Anyone without that PIN cannot join the conference. On the other hand, the public conference let anyone with the conference number to join the audio conference. This could be an amazing communication solution for the finance service providers to offer collaborative platform to the team to conduct on the go conferences or weekly conferences.

Video conferencing solution

This is an advanced conferencing solution. Here, the financial service provider organization can conduct a video conference with multiple participants. This gives an experience of having face to face meeting between multiple members. This type of conferencing solution comes with a wide array of features and provides rich conferencing experience to the conference participants. Thus, it is perfect to use for the board meetings, conferences with customers and prospects, etc.
The financial service provider companies are often different in nature and operations and that’s why the needs of communication are often different for these organizations. Thus, it is recommended to get custom conferencing solution development than the off the shelf one. The custom conferencing solution development not only gives flexibility of choosing the features a financial service provider company needs, but it also offers complete ownership of the product. The financial service provider organization can have the ownership of code, and can make whatever modifications, as and when needed.

To get a custom conferencing solution for the financial service provider organization, it is advisable to choose a reliable VoIP development company. We, Vindaloo Softtech, have experience of developing custom audio and video conferencing solution. Contact us to discuss your need.