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Suppose, you are a proud owner of a ten-storey commercial building. Each floor has five offices, and each office has been rented out to a tenant. Now that you have fifty tenants, your building is a Multi-Tenant complex.

Likewise, you own a single office in a commercial building and you have rented it out to a single tenant, that makes it Single-Tenant.

The concept remains the same.

Although, what exactly is Multi-Tenancy?

Before we jump into Multi-Tenancy, let us first briefly understand what Single-Tenancy is.

To go forward with the real estate analogy, a Single-Tenant environment is as good as a single family house. Just like in single family homes, single-tenant clients use corporate utilities with the neighbours (IAAS), but the roof, walls, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (SaaS) is completely theirs.

A single instance of the software and supporting infrastructure serve just a single client. With single tenancy, each customer has his or her own independent database and instance of the software. Essentially, there is no sharing happening with this option.

Multi-tenancy or Multi-Tenant is an innuendo to the method of operation of software where multiple instances of single or multiple applications operate in a shared environment. The tenants (instances) are basically isolated, but physically integrated.

As the years have passed, the overall operability of contact centers has evolved a lot and faced many changes, as it should be.

Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software Features

Multi-Tenancy is a great option for businesses such as Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP’s), Telecoms, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), and VoIP Service Providers. Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software is the perfect solution for businesses that desire to provide hosted call/contact center services to their customers/clients.

They are allowed to host the contact center on their own server and provide this as a service to their clients, also known as tenants. The main benefit of a Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution is that multiple clients/customers or tenants can be served on just a single server, where each of them has different credentials and data security.

A Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution lets users make different tenant partitions wherein one tenant is not allowed to access or interfere in the data or configurations of another tenant. The control lies with the admin entirely.

The Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution users can enjoy all the key features offered by us such as:

In-Office Features

  • In-Built Webphone
  • Single-Tenant & Multi-Tenant
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Advanced Dialers
  • Skill Based Mapping
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reports
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • In-Built Basic CRM
  • Real-Time Dashboard

WFH Features

  • In-Built WebRTC Phone
  • Browser Based
  • Call Bridging
  • Call Recording
  • Highly Secure

Wrapping Up

A Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution is without a doubt a great platform for businesses looking to offer their services in the various industries. The solution comes with all the necessary features that are mandatory to help businesses while making new customers. They are allowed to provide their customers with services that are feature based.