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The multi tenant IP PBX solution is a very powerful system for any business. All industry verticals can use this system to leverage multiple benefits. Today I will share how the banking industry is getting benefited by using the powerful multi tenant IP PBX solution.

Generally, in the banking industry, each bank has multiple branches all across the nation. The multi tenant IP PBX solution comes with master tenant support as well as it comes with a wide array of features and controls which help banks to flourish with many benefits. To explore all features available in the multi tenant IP PBX software.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 benefits of using the multi tenant IP PBX solution for banks:
1. Well organized and centrally controlled communication system

As mentioned earlier, the multi tenant IP PBX solution provides a main account which can create subaccounts. It means the main bank can have this system installed and have access to the admin panel. This main bank office can create tenant accounts, in simple words, subaccounts of an IP PBX system for each branch. The main bank office can grant and revoke access to various features available in the IP PBX solution. Moreover, all call logs and communication details will be logged into individual bank branch as well as in the admin account available at the main headquarter of the bank. It means the main bank will have complete control and access to the communication system which means the banks can have a centralized communication system.

2. Reduced communication expense

The banks usually have to bare many types of expenses to cater the customers with the best services as well as to keep daily operation running. Thus, the telecommunication cost in the banks is often very high. This affects the profit and growth of the bank negatively. The multi tenant IP PBX solution for banks provides SIP based communication, plus, introduce automation in communication such as, auto attendant with an integrated IVR system. This significantly reduces communication cost for the banks to leverage benefits of increased profit and growth.

3. Comply laws

In almost all countries, the government enforces to keep customer communication and data confidential. Moreover, in some countries, as per the law, each promotional and customer care call attended by the bank needs to be recorded. In a majority of countries, laws enforce banks to have clear logs of all activities and expenses made by the bank, including, communication. All these laws can be complied by the bank with usage of the multi tenant IP PBX solution. The multi tenant IP PBX software provides features like call encryption, call recording, call detail reports, etc. All these and many more features help banks to be in compliance with the law of their country.


These are the top 3 benefits any bank can leverage by using the multi tenant IP PBX solution. We, at Vindaloo Softtech, offer the most secure and reliable multi tenant IP PBX solution. To know more about this solution, contact us NOW.