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VoIP industry is made on top of wholesale and retail service providers. Both of these businesses use the VoIP softswitch to run their businesses. In this article, I will shed more light on the wholesale VoIP softswitch, which is more popularly known as the class 4 softswitch.

The class 4 softswitch is a software based VoIP softswitch, which is a must have solution if someone wants to run a VoIP business as a wholesale VoIP service provider. One can find a normal VoIP class 4 softswitch with ease as there are many companies that provide the class 4 softswitch, but often this traditional class 4 softswitch fails to help VoIP businesses fails. The simple reason behind its failure is failure in meeting demand of time which has changed a lot in the past few years. To meet business and customer needs, the wholesale VoIP Service providers need the advanced features in their VoIP class 4 softswitch. Let me share the must have features in the VoIP class 4 softswitch along with a brief of why you need it.

Different types of routing rules

The wholesale VoIP Service provider charge a customer based on various factors and one of the most important factors is the type of call routing. There are many different types of call routing rules such as, LCR (Least Cost Routing), advanced call routing, intelligent call routing, etc. If you have limited call routing rules, then you will have limited business opportunities and rate cards, which will result in reduced business.

Support for multiple languages

The wholesale business is not limited to one country and if you have a class 4 softswitch that supports multiple languages, it can work as an added advantage for you because this way you can cater your customers in a personalized manner.

Support for multiple currency

As mentioned earlier, the wholesale VoIP calling business often crosses geographical boundaries and to grow business, one has to do this. The VoIP class 4 softswitch that can support different currencies helps service provider to make the billing process simpler. Not only this, it also saves a lot of man hours on accounting and administration, which will result in the best returns.

Load balancing and failover support

Not all VoIP class 4 softswitch provides these features as these are the advanced features. However, you have to make sure that your class 4 softswitch has these 2 most vital features. In the communication business, you can’t miss a moment. You can’t give the system down or server down message as the communication has to be constant and uninterruptable and that is possible with the lad balancing and failover systems in place. The load balancing module of the class 4 softswitch assures to handle excessive load without making system down or quality of service affected. On the other hand, the failover system makes sure even in case of hardware or system failure, the backup system takes over and your solution keeps on running seamlessly.

These are the must have advanced features in your VoIP class 4 softswitch and make sure your VoIP softswitch have these. We have an off the shelf class 4 softswitch with all these and many other advanced features. Contact us to know more about it!