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VoIP industry is growing exceptionally well. There are various types of businesses in this industry and each business is growing even if there is vicious competition. This is the reason many business owners are embarking ventures in this industry. To run businesses, the business owners need to have a proficient team and feature rich VoIP solution.

The wholesale VoIP industry is growing at the fastest rate. The wholesale VoIP business often runs internationally. The business service providers deliver wholesale services at international destinations. Thus, they have to manage various business protocols to make sure all customers are receiving the best customer services. The class 4 softswitch solution is used to run this wholesale VoIP business. As the service provider offers services internationally, then one needs to get a multilingual wholesale switch software solution.

To cater to customers all across the world with perfect efficiently, the class 4 softswitch solution must have the following features in it:

GUI based solution

The graphical user interface is more important these days as it reduces the time of operations remarkably. The GUI based applications of class 4 switch allow users to take all actions from the front end. The users don’t need to make any code side changes. This not only reduces the time of operations and increases customer satisfaction, but it also saves money required otherwise need to be invested in customization and development.

Call routing rules

The fundamental operation of class 4 softswitch solution is to route calls from source to destination. The whole business model depends on different call routing rules. LCR aka Least Cost Routing is the must have feature in this VoIP softswitch solution. There are also some more available call routing rules such as prefix based, CLI based and more.

Support different protocols and codecs

The class 4 softswitch solution routes call, media files, data and other packets from the initiation point to the end point. The source and destination may have different protocols and codecs. Thus, the wholesale switch needs to support all standard codecs and protocols. Some class 4 switch software also provides a transcoding feature to make the whole working model compatible with all codecs and protocols.

Billing system

Wholesale business needs to take care of thousands of calls each minute. You can assume the load every month based on that. Different customers may use the system differently and different customers and groups of customers may get charged with different packages. The manual billing system is near to impossible in a wholesale VoIP system. Thus, class 4 softswitch solution offers an integrated billing system with advanced features in it. Traditionally, the class 4 softswitch solution didn’t have a billing system in it. However, with changing time, billing has become an integral part of it. Thus, the best VoIP development companies have added advanced billing as an integral system in the wholesale softswitch.


The class 4 softswitch solution usually comes with a wide array of features. However, some of the features are vital and have to be in your wholesale switch to let you run your business more strategically and efficiently. This article briefed about the top 4 mandatory features for the wholesale businesses that deal with international customers.

Author Bio
Sandip Patel – BDE
Author works as BDE at Vindaloo Softtech (VSPL) since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in VoIP Software Development Industry. VSPL is VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC and Asterisk Development.