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OpenSIPs is an Open Source SIP proxy/server for voice, video, IM, presence, and other SIP extensions. It is one of the fastest SIP servers offering reliable and enterprise-level VoIP solutions. With modern businesses identifying the significance of unified communications in improving team collaboration and encouraging remote working, OpenSIPs solutions are coming back in demand.

Introduction to OpenSIPs

OpenSIP was initially developed to build SIP proxy servers for VoIP systems. After evaluating and classifying them for the destination terminal, the server can retransmit SIP requests in this configuration. The transmission could be one-to-one or one-to-many terminals. However, being a standalone VoIP software development kit, VoIP development companies, like Vindaloo Softtech, are experimenting with it to build cutting-edge applications like routers, switches, gateways, registrars, application servers, and load-balancer to empower VoIP businesses. 

The OpenSIPs architecture is open and flexible, and every function is built using module loading. This makes VoIP-based communication solutions made using OpenSIPs, have a competitive edge over speed, portability, scalability, flexibility, and the capability to run in environments with low computing capacity.

Why Businesses are choosing OpenSIPs solutions

OpenSIPs is becoming one of the most widely used technologies for developing VoIP-based communications. Exceeding original Class 4 capabilities, OpenSIPs can now provide Class 5 signaling features making it a core component in hosted/ virtual PBX servers to emulate PBX-like services. Here are some of the benefits of OpenSIPs development.


OpenSIPs is the fastest SIP server that is capable of managing enterprise or carrier-grade call volumes. On multiple benchmark tests such as database interaction, memory/CPU usage, etc., OpenSIPs managed to nail the top scores to be considered the fastest SIP proxies available.

Ease of Use

OpenSIPs is backed by a huge community of developers working proactively for community growth. Additionally, developers have access to a well-documented manual based on the OpenSIPs version. The manual covers critical topics such as installation, configuration, and OpenSIPs scripting. Similarly, webinars can help tackle topics of all kinds of difficulties. Finally, those wishing to avoid delving into multiple lines of code for configuring OpenSIPs can significantly benefit from a graphical, ncurses-based, console interface. 

Highly Flexible

OpenSIP follows a syntax that is largely similar to C. The modular architecture allows OpenSIPs to be used in a wide range of use cases, such as routers, switches, load balancers, etc. Adding different functionalities is as simple as plugging in the required modules and building them using OpenSIPs’s scripting language.

Easier monitoring

Thanks to different interfaces such as (MI, Event, and Statistics), administrators can pull various live stats for the SIP server. Whenever certain events are triggered, the event interface can notify the admin. This way, the admin can take quick and timely action for the corresponding event. OpenSIPs also has a web cPanel for provisioning as well as displaying and monitoring different statuses. Admins can use the web cPanel to send control actions to the server.

Lower Costs

An OpenSIPs specialist can develop an OpenSIPs server that can perform multiple functions. So businesses can set up unified communication systems with utmost efficiency using OpenSIPs. 

From the business perspective, OpenSIPs had the following benefits:

  • OpenSIPs enhances database operation speeds by 25 percent
  • The modular design makes it highly efficient
  • The customizable routing engine combines video, voice, and chat efficiently
  • Excellent load balancer
  • Highly adaptable application and module interfaces
  • Transitional throughput of thousands of calls per second

Features OpenSIPs offers

As a complete VoIP software development technology, OpenSIPs offers a plethora of integral features that a business may need. Everything You Want To Know About OpenSIPS. Here are some of the features of OpenSIPs:

  • Robust SIP (RFC3261) Registrar server, Location server, Proxy server, and Redirect server
  • Small footprint as the binary file is small in size, and any functionality can be stripped/added via modules
  • Plug&play module interface 
  • Stateless and transactional SIP Proxy processing
  • support for UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP transport layers
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Load balancing with failover
  • Least cost routing
  • Support for replication 
  • Logging capabilities
  • Modular architecture 
  • Impressive extension repository

Who can benefit from custom OpenSIPs development?

  • VoIP Service Providers
  • Network Operators
  • Telecommunication Operators
  • Global Enterprises

Wrapping Up

The mass favors OpenSIPs because of its high throughput, capabilities, and dependability. Developers can utilize its feature set and rapid release cycles to create appealing and competitive business services. If you are looking to hire an OpenSIPs developer, Vindaloo Softtech is a trusted OpenSIPs solution development company.