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OpenSIPS is popularly known as the multifunctional and a multipurpose SIP server. It is only related to signaling. In fact, OpenSIPs is an acronym of Open Session Initiation Protocol Server. It is an open source implementation of a GPLed SIP server. The OpenSIP server is completely free to use and implement as it is declared as an open source. The reason behind keeping this remarkable technology free is to encourage people to work in uniformity for its enhancement by possible collaboration and cooperation from the enthusiastic VoIP developers around the world. This philosophy really worked well as it resulted in the addition of eleven new modules within just eleven months.

What makes OpenSIPs perfect for VoIP solution development?

The OpenSIPs is one of the most widely used technologies for VoIP solution development. You might be wondering what makes it the best development technologies and why the OpenSIPs solutions are so popular in the telecommunication industry running on top of IP calling. The top reasons of the popularity of OpenSIPs solution development are shared below:

  • The OpenSIPs increases the speed of the database operations by 25%.
  • It is highly efficient because of its modular design.
  • It possesses modular design and customizable routing engine, which unifies the video, voice and chat with the maximum possible efficiency.
  • It works as an outstanding load balancer.
  • Its application and module interfaces make it highly flexible for developing effective applications.
  • It supports thousands of calls per second of transitional throughput.

Which are the top users of the OpenSIPs solution development?

If you are thinking, which types of businesses should use OpenSIPs for their VoIP solution development, then here is the list of users / businesses that can leverage a lot of benefits from the OpenSIPs solution development.

  • VoIP service providers
  • Enterprises
  • Network operators
  • Telecommunication operators
Key Features of OpenSIPS
  • Plug and play module interface
  • Proxy server
  • Location server
  • SIP (RFC3261) registrar server
  • Redirect server
  • ENUM Support
  • NAT Traversal Support
  • PERL programming interface
  • Load balancing
  • failover
  • And more

What are the top VoIP solutions that can be developed on top of OpenSIPs?

If you are thinking to develop any of the below mentioned solutions, then you must use the OpenSIPs solution development:

  • Router
  • Gateway
  • Switch
  • Application server
  • Registrar
  • Load-balancer

We are experienced in developing different types of OpenSIPS solutions, applications and modules. If you have any custom requirement, contact us and our executives will ensure to provide the best solution for you.