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Communication is a basic need for all businesses. However, there are some types of businesses who usually handle more conversations as part of their routine operations than other businesses. Some of the examples of as such businesses are customer care, technical support, stock market, banking, etc. In this type of businesses, the companies need to handle multiple calls daily and often the cost of communication and speed of communication tool make a major impact on the overall ROI (Returns over Investment) of the companies. To reduce telecommunication expenses and increase overall productivity, the businesses often invest to get advanced tools and solutions. One of the most effective communication tools is the PC Dialer.

The PC dialer is also more commonly known as the softphone. It can be installed in the computer or laptop of your executives and configured once, and then they can use it as many times as they want to. The PC dialer solution uses internet protocol to establish and conduct a call. This will reduce the communication cost because the internal dialer to dialer calling can be completely free and for outbound calls to local and international numbers, you can take benefit of cheap VoIP calling services.

Another amazing benefit of the PC dialer solution is that it provides way more features than you get with the traditional telecommunication system; this boost business communication in multiple ways. Below is the list of key features one can get into the PC Dialer solution:

  • User registration
  • Authentication of user with a login or two factor authentication
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • High definition video
  • Contact book
  • Contact import
  • Contact export
  • Cancellation of noise
  • Calling from the PC dialer to PC dialer
  • Calling from the PC dialer to a mobile phone
  • Calling from the PC dialer to a landline
  • Calling from the PC dialer to a mobile SIP dialer app
  • Record all calls
  • Record ongoing call
  • Mute
  • Unmute
  • Group call
  • Dialpad in live call
  • Voicemail
  • DTMF tone
  • Topup for balance
  • Last call redial
  • Call history
  • Calling support even in the low bandwidth
  • Reports
  • And more

If you want to use a white label PC dialer to provide calling services or if you are in the VoIP industry, below is the list of technical features you should get in your PC dialer application:

  • Support for different codecs such as, G729, G711, GSM, AMR
  • Support for UDP
  • Support for TCP
  • Network Address Traversal (NAT)
  • Topup of recharge
  • Media encryption
  • And more

The PC dialer solution can be used in different devices and on different platforms such as, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. The white label PC dialer comes with the code and brand elements of the company. This helps in branding as well as ownership of data, code and processes related to the PC dialer.

The PC dialer is generally offered by the companies that offer VoIP solution development. Once it is developed, you can own the code and all the benefits brought by it.

Author Bio

Sandip Patel – BDE
Author works as BDE at Vindaloo Softtech (VSPL) since 2016. Sandip has 10+ years of work experience in VoIP Software Development Industry. VSPL is VoIP software development and solutions provider that offers FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIP, WebRTC and Asterisk Development.