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Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd (VSPL) is a client centric IT company. The company has been offering a wide variety of solutions and services for many years. One more service is added to the offering list of the company with an announcement. Recently, the spokesperson of the company announced to offer a session border controller aka SBC solution.

As per the shared details, the company offers a complete suite of services to the VoIP service providers who are looking for a session border controller. The company starts with understanding the infrastructure, VoIP solution, and other details of the client to fully recognize the need for an SBC system. Based on the same, the company proposes a list of must have features in the session border controller to the customer. The customers can also provide a list of features needed in the solution they are looking for.

Based on the defined features, the company designs this powerful security tool for the company which can protect data, packets, VoIP solutions, and the whole ecosystem of a VoIP business. This solution can protect a VoIP business from the following types of attacks:

  • DoS (Denial of Service)
  • DDoS (Destructive Denial of Service)
  • Toll fraud
  • Call spoofing
  • And more

“VoIP business is growing. Even a small scaled business handles 100 calls at a minimum. To handle calls, a complete infrastructure needs to be created by the service providers so they can delight their customers with the best in the industry VoIP services. There can be sensitive data as well. And as per the law, customer data has to be protected by the companies. The VoIP systems are not different than any system available online when we talk about hack attacks. There are many people who hack or attack VoIP solutions and infrastructure for malicious reasons. The VoIP solutions cannot be protected with a simple firewall or protective software. It needs a specialized security system because the attacks attempted on the VoIP solutions are different than traditional solutions. This demands an SBC solution. The SBC solution is a specifically designed security system that provides the highest level of security of the whole system and infrastructure to provide stronger protection”, shared spokesperson of the company.

As per the shared details, the company develops a versatile session border controller solution that provides multiple features along with security. Below is the list of features available in this system:

  • Validation of protocol
  • Prefix insertion and removal at the carrier level
  • Transcoding of codec
  • Hiding carrier
  • Hiding network topology
  • Hiding topologies
  • Interoperability
  • And more

The company can also build custom features to meet the custom needs of the customers.