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Today’s telecommunications service providers face a lot of complexity as they attempt to the paradigm shift from legacy telecommunications to IP-based unified communications infrastructure across all telecommunications domains. To make this change successful, service providers need careful planning to handle compatibility, centralized management, and security issues. Simple thinking about the implementation, management, and security of real-time communication can be overwhelming.

Today, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is at the heart of all unified communications, including, video, voice, and collaboration. To make this session flow safe and complete, you need to deploy a session border controller aka SBC solution, as it is the network cornerstone of new communications and services.

The most important reasons for deploying SBC solution are:

1. Strong Network Security

There are many types of VoIP-based cyber attacks that can be carried out through the provider’s network, which has a huge impact on productivity and revenue. Common VoIP attacks include service theft and fraud, DoS / DDoS attacks, spoofing, registration storms, etc. The SBC solution protects real time communication networks from these attacks in a variety of ways and ensures the security and flow of SIP sessions between internal and external networks.

2. Dynamic Scalability

SIP business traffic will continue to grow as your business grows with more users and traffic loads. Therefore, deploying a Session Border Controller is of paramount importance for high traffic loads and to ensure carrier-class performance and maximize service availability in accordance with the quality of service policies.

3. Real-time Performance Monitoring

With carrier-class networks, you need a way to facilitate timely, relevant and accurate high-quality data collection and configuration to better manage ongoing program activity. The Session Border Controller solution does exactly that. It provides real-time comprehensive performance reports for real time calls.

4. Intelligent Alarm System

Powerful, intelligent alerting systems provide additional security to your service provider’s network. Provide different types of alerts to the abnormal system, performance, customer behavior, and recharge. Using such features in an SBC solution can save tremendous costs for telecom service providers. The trigger can determine what action the SBC should take in advance. Save resources and fraud and increase profits.

5. Broad SIP Interoperability

One of the main features of the SBC solution is to provide a seamless session between different VoIP solutions. Other vendors and VoIP networks can communicate with incompatible protocols and codecs. This results in a loss of traffic. Thus, deploying SBCs allows SIP normalization to provide a seamless experience in terms of protocols and interworking and interconnections that run across different networks.

6. Transcoding and Interworking

One of the main tasks of the Session Border Controller solution is to transcode call and media services. SBC allows telecommunications providers to invest less, but reap the return on investment (ROI) more and more. The interworking feature allows you to connect networks between different IPs, which allows for the smooth operation of voice and video calls from different switches. This allows the telecommunications service provider to provide a complete service.

The Session Border Controller solution is a major component of telecommunications service providers. The main role of the SBC solution is to protect and control the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network and to maintain the stability of the network.

We, at Vindaloo Softtech, offer the best SBC solution development based on your needs. We offer session border controller solution development in Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. To discuss your project requirements, please get in touch with us.