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VSPL, a renowned digital service provider has announced its Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software versions for various types of businesses. Like the name says, the single-tenant software could be leveraged by the end-users for their own usage. The main customers of single-tenant Contact Center Software are call centers, banks, insurance companies, BPO’s, healthcare, manufacturing, and many other businesses looking for better customer engagement and increase in customer satisfaction.

The multi-tenant Contact Center Software is mainly leveraged by ITSP’s (Internet Telephony Service Providers), Telecom, ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers to give contact center services or hosted call center services.

On the announcement of the Single-Tenant Contact Center Software and Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software, Mr. Bhaskar Metikel, the CEO of Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. said, “VSPL’s Contact Center Software is one of the most useful communication platforms for businesses. It is feasible, practical, and beneficial for businesses all over the world. It offers multi-tenancy features in order to help executives to offer satisfactory solutions to their customers.”

VSPL’s Multi-Tenant Contact Center solution comes handy for businesses that have branches spread across the globe and desire to manage all of these offices from a single location, the central main headquarters.

Mr. Metikel further added, “Business growth becomes tough when you own more than one branch in different locations, which is why we decided to provide this particular service which gives an easy and user friendly tool to such businesses and a predefined contact center development. Our developers that are highly skilled come with experience in developing a seamless Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Contact Center Solution.”

As in the discussion during the launch of their Contact Center Software, this service will come with a range of features that every business must have in their Contact Center Solution. The CEO of the company shared a list of features that are necessary to have such as:

In-Office Features:

  • Voice Calling
  • Inbuilt Webphone
  • Browser Based
  • Single as well as Multi-Tenancy
  • Multi Level IVR
  • Advanced Dialers- Predictive/Progressive/Manual
  • Skill Based Mapping
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Real-time Analytics and Reports
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • In-Built Basic CRM
  • Real-time Dashboard

Work from home features:

  • In-Built WebRTC Phone
  • Browser Based
  • Call Recording
  • Highly Secure

As per the details discussed in the Press Release, the Contact Center Solution is highly easy to use and comes with a user friendly approach. Some even say it is indeed the best Contact Center Solution for all sizes of business.

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